Red Beans 'Won Zai Go' vs 'Put Zai Go'

This is also called as Kuih Kosui. But over here, the elderly called it 'won zhai go' which means small bowl goodie/kuih. In Hong Kong, they called it 'put zhai go' also means the same thing. It's such a delicious dessert and it's very easy to make. So, just have fun with it!
Ingredients (A) :
230gm all purpose flour
200gm tapioca flour
1/4 tspn alkaline water
salt to taste
700ml water
Ingredients (B) :
300gm brown sugar
pandan leaves
300ml water
Ingredients (C) :
100gm grated coconut
1/4 tspn salt
(steam for 20mins & leave aside)
Ingredients (D) :
1 can cooked azuki red beans
(wash, drain and divide bean into bowls)

Method :
- mix ingredients (A) well, strain into a big bowl and set aside.
- cook ingredients (B) untill sugar dissolves & strain mixture
- and pour into ingredients A quickly.
- stir well and strain again.
- pour batter into ceramic bowl (I'm using rice bowl).
- steam for 30mins over high heat or untill set.
- leave to cool before lifting.
I've cut down the quantity of sugar and this kuih is more delightful than sweet when having it together with steamed grated coconut.
Absolutely yum....
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