Somewhere I Shouldn't Miss !

Singapore Zoo is definitely somewhere I shouldn't miss every visit! My kids love it so much especially these polar bears.

This is mother polar bear name 'SHEBA'. She's now 33 years old, if not mistaken. I still remember when the first time I visited her, she was only 2-3 years old.

And this is her baby boy name 'Inuka'. He's now 19 years old. I've once visited him when he was about 1-2 years old. He's so cute and he still is... hahaha.... Oh boy, he is huge! But both of them are less active than usual now.
Just look at him! Love seeing him in the water. Huge huh!!!
I love this picture the most! Glad that I be able to catch this shot while he was trying to dive into the water.
He is actually taking his afternoon snack at that moment. They're feeding him water melon, some meat and some live fishes. He did a little hunting!

~ The White Tiger ~ Really gorgeous!

~ Cheetah ~ Best body shape ever! haha.....

~ Sloth ~ And this is another favourite picture! Just look at the little one, enjoying his/her nap. Extreme cute!
I'm actually looking forward to those panda bears which is coming in another 2 more years. Pretty excited!
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