Dundee Cake

What do you know..... it"s Christmas day!!! So, I'm here to wish all my foodie friends Merry Christmas & Happy holidays! Hope you all have a fantastic time with your family & friends. Though I'm not celebrating X'mas, I love this kind of festive season too. It's fun! It is also the best time to learn more about western cooking and baking. Probably, I could use the recipes in my coming Chinese New Year as well. hehe... Our Chinese New Year is fall on the 14th February 2010! Yes, exactly the same day on Valentine's Day. Much fun huh....two celebrations on the same day! However, make sure you guys have lots of fun and food as well.... say 'CHEESE'! haha....

Ingredients :
400gm mixed fruits (washed & drained)
50gm crashed walnut
50gm crashed pistachio
3 large eggs
150gm butter
100gm sugar
150gm all purpose flour
1/2tspn baking powder
2 tspn rum/brandy

Method :
- rub mixed fruit with rum and set aside.
- combined baking powder & flour together in a bowl.
- cream butter & sugar untill fluffy.
- beat in eggs one by one and mix well.
- fold in flour & mixed fruits & nuts, mix till well combined.
- pour into a 9"loaf tray and bake at 150'c for 1-1/2 hours.
- leave to cool before remove from tray.
- double up the ingredients if you're using 8" round baking tray.

Well, here's a little yummy treat for this special season. Dundee cake is a traditional Scottish fruit cake with rich flavour. But the sweetness of this fruit cake just nice cause I have the mixed fruits washed thoroughly before used and I've also cut down the usage of sugar. And the addition of nuts just perfect! So, enjoy and have a marvellous time!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone!!! =D

Best Wishes, Kristy

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