Friday, March 26, 2010

Prawn & Chicken Pandan Roll

This recipe was inspired by Angie's Oolong Tea Rolls but I'm using chicken and prawns meat instead cause my family doesn't keen in pork. Thanks again, Angie! This is such a wonderful recipe.

Ingredients for dumpling skin :
100gm four
60ml water
1 tspn pandan paste/1 tbps pandan juice

- add all ingredients to form a soft dough and divide into 10 portion.

Fillings :

1 whole boneless chicken leg, minced
200gm prawns, sliced into half
1 chopped onion
100gm chopped jicama
salt & pepper to taste
2 tspn corn starch
2 tspn sesame oil

- combine all ingredients together and leave aside.

Method :

- roll out the dough thinly and place in the filling.

Then seal it and again roll into a circle. And let it rest for 1/2 hour.

Preheat frying pan with a little cooking oil. Place in the rolls and pan fry over low heat.

And serve hot with spicy garlic soy sauce dipping! Yummm....


Trendsetters said...

lovely rolls...we prefer chicken too..

Heavenly Housewife said...

Daaaaaahling, one day i am going to come visit you and eat all your food :D.
Have a fab weekend.
*kisses* HH

smallkucing said...

alamak...this reminded me that i still some in my freezer yet to eat.

Good idea wor putting pandan paste. Never thought of that. smell heavenly ya..

Belinda @zomppa said...

Hmmmm. I wish you lived closer to me. =)

Jeannie said...

Mmmm another delicious rolls from you...looks great!

Anncoo said...

WOW Kristy! From the first picture looks like jiu cai jiao. Very clever idea, looks yummy!

Lyndsey said...

That's an interesting way to roll them! It make for a beautiful presentation! Does the jicama stay crisp in them? They look wonderful, I have to find some pandan extract.

MaryMoh said...

I love the way you roll them. They look very beautiful when cut. Looks very delicious. It's nice to add pandan juice for added flavour.
Enjoy your weekend.

alison said...

amazing your rolls,kristy!

Angie's Recipes said...

I should try with chicken next time. Looks very good.

Cheah said...

Kristy, what mouth-watering rolls, look so cute viewed cross-section. Have a relaxing weekend!

wendyywy said...

Oh, u've tried that already!!!!
I also wanted to try this, one day, dunno which day.
I'd love this with freshly ground chilli with lots of sesame oil and soy sauce.

Bob said...

I remember seeing that over at Angies, looks so good.

Sarah Naveen said...

That sounds great and looks absolutely delicious.

Mary said...

What lovely rolls. They look and sound delicious. Though everything you do looks and sounds delicious. Have a fabulous day.

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Beautiful rolls! I haven't made homemade dumplings in a long time. It's about time...

Happy Weekend! :)

Cinnamon-Girl said...

I drooled over these on Angies and I'm drooling again! Sounds delish with chicken and shrimp!

Peanutts said...

Looks nice and easy to make too. Have been wondering how to cook jicama, now have got a recipe to try thanks kristy.

My Little Space said...

Trendsetters : Hi there, welcome on board! Glad that you like it as well and hope to hear from you more often.

HH : You better hurry! haha...

SKucing : Quite an unique flavour!

Belinda : Hope your wish come true!

Jeannie : Thanks alot!

Anncoo : Thank you!

Lynd : Thanks! Actually, you can also use water chestnut but water chestnut is more juicy compare to jicama. So, I prefer jicama and it stay crisp even after cooked.

MaryMoh : You too!

Hope you ladies have a terrific weekend as well. Cheers!


My Little Space said...

Alison : Thank you!

Angie : Thanks! But have to use chicken thigh meat cause it's more spongy compare to the breast.

Wendy : Hahaha...have to depend on the mood, right!

Bob : Thank you!

Sarah : Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog and also thanks for your kind words. Hope to hear from you more often.

Andrea : Looking forward to your dumpling posting!

Reeni : Thank you veru much!

Peanut : Thank you! There's actually quite a number of Jicama recipes. Will try to make some later on!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Cheers.


Fimère said...

c'est une recette très original qui doit être délicieuse, j'en prends note
ps: j'adore la présentation, bravo
bonne journée

elra said...

You are so talented adik sayang! Kirim ke Amerika satu box untuk kakak ya?

My Little Space said...

Fimere : Merci, sweetie!

Elra : Terima kasih! Kakak pun sama ya, kirimkan kuih-muih kakak pada saya! Jangan banyak-banyak. Satu dozen dah cukup! hahaha....

Have a great weekend ladies!

Cheers, Kristy

penny aka jeroxie said...

You're on the roll!

Saveurs et Gourmandises said...

Looks delicious.

alwayswinner786 said...

Yum yum! What a delicious roll!

The Gypsy Chef said...

These look so good. And you make them sound so easy! We are drooling here, especially when we read hot garlic dipping sauce!

Shirley said...

This looks great. Do you think it will taste good if they are steamed instead of fried? I love the filling.

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