Stir Fried Black Pepper Chicken With Wine

Ginger and black pepper always my favourite cooking ingredients because of the strong aroma and flavour. And the addition of spring onion just gave an extra kick to the dish. This is such a perfect dish for postnatal mothers. According to doctors, postnatal mothers are advice not to take ginger for the first week after gave birth, if they're breastfeeding their newborn. It believes will cause the newborn jaundice. Through my experience, my mom did cook with ginger during my postnatal but I didn't take them. And I breast fed my newborn. Not a problem at all! So, Do not take ginger vs cooking with ginger???? Anyone got anything to say about this!

However, here's my recipe.

Ingredients :

2 whole boneless chicken leg, sliced in medium size
100gm slightly smashed ginger
50gm spring onion, cut in about one inch long
salt & pepper to taste
sesame oil
1 tspn corn starch

Seasoning :

1/2 cup rice wine/red wine/'shao xing' wine
3/4 tbsp crashed black pepper

*thickening : 1 tspn corn starch + 1/4 cup water

Method :

- marinade chicken meat with salt & pepper, sesame oil and cornstarch, leave aside.
- preheat frying pan/wok with 2 tbsp cooking oil.

- stir in ginger, black pepper and the chicken meat, stir fry over high heat for about 30sec.
- add in wine and lower down the heat, let it simmer untill cooked.

- finally, stir in thickening and spring onion.
- off the heat once the gravy is thick enough and serve. yummm! By the way, I'm sure everyone would be interested in sharing your postnatal experienced with all of us especially for those mother to be. Please make a comment and share!


  1. Yummy, t his looks much better than what i had for dinner :)
    *kisses* HH

  2. this is one fave type of chicken...will def make this some tired night :)

  3. Yum!!! I love cooking with ginger also and this will be a great recipe to use with it! Thanks!

  4. looks yummy can't beat a good stir fry

  5. Your Chicken recipes are so so good they make me wanna put on my red striped apron and get to the kitchen right away ,only we have already had dinner :-))))
    delicious delicious....and love those pics sweety...

  6. Well I'll never be postnatal, so I'm all about this! :D

  7. Un plat délicieux.
    Je note ta recette.
    A bientôt.

  8. This is a winner. Top of my list kind......

    I could go for this, now but we have pepper steak. I like chicken so much better.

  9. Sounds delicious! I LOVE ginger, but just read somewhere that it's not good for gallstones (which I have). I eat ginger quite frequently and have never noticed a connection... I'll have to do some more research...

  10. Delicious!! This is such a perfect week night dinner, so full of wonderful flavor and fresh ingredients. thank you!

  11. Hi, can see you have a Black Belt in cooking.
    I guess three plates of rice with this dish will be in order, ha ha.
    If you make fish head curry, send me telegram, best regards, Lee.

  12. I agree, ginger and black pepper are great with everything!

  13. I am on such a ginger kick lately, my family has to like it because I use it in almost everything. I even bought some instant ginger drink packets I can take to work with me and add to my water bottle. I don't drink soda, usually just water, so this gives it a little kick.

    This way of making the chicken sounds and looks so good. You can cook!

    I haven't heard of avoiding ginger while breast feeding, but I have heard of avoiding garlic. Which I didn't avoid, but I wasn't taking the tablets, just eating the cooking with it.

  14. as for me, i love my confinement days! why? cos i love ginger, the sesame oil cooked with chicken, i love the sweet wine.. the black fungus... though i have only one or 2 dishes, i dont mind taking them during that month... i dont know about the breastfeeding though.. :)

  15. Delicious, I like lots of ginger too though I usually julienned it before frying till crispy before adding chicken. Sometimes I fry the julienned ginger and toss it on top of fried fish. Add some soya sauce and enjoy!

  16. Ginger definitely goes well with chicken and yours is a flavorful dish. I just cooked chicken with ginger yesterday ;)

  17. HH : So what you had for dinner?

    JWalker : Thanks! Hope you'll like it.

    Pam : You're welcome.

    Rebecca : Glad you like it too!

    Vanilla : Thank you for your nice words. Probably, you can cook this tomorrow.

    Bob : haha... but still can learn more for future use! hehe...

    Saveurs : Thanks alot!

    Chaya : Thanks, dear! Maybe you can try it some time.

    Andrea : The doctor only mentioned not to consume ginger in the first week but still can have them a week later. That is because newborns' organs are not fully developed by that time. But they'll perform better a week after. In the older days, we will expose newborn babies to indirect sunlight by covering their eyes with tower if they've slight juandice. They'll be fine a day or two after.

    Katy : Hope you will lke it!

    Uncle Lee :'re just so funny!

    Stacy : Thank you!

    Lyndsey : Yeah, my family love ginger drinks too especially my son.

    Claire : Sounds like you love almost everything. hahaha.....

    Jeannie : I like that too! I will choppend extra garlic and scallion for that.

    Anncoo : What a coincidence!

    Hope you guys will have a wonderful weekend nad have lots of fun!

    Regards, Kristy

  18. Reminds me of the cooking aroma during my wife confinement days! LOL!

    Added your link to my blogroll. Have a nice weekend! Cheers!

  19. The chicken looks very succulent and tender!

  20. Love ginger, and that dish looks so appetizing with a nice coat of sauce, hmmmm

  21. I like this dish, ginger and spring onions, but wouldn't it be heaty in this weather? But never mind, can gulp down some 'Wong Low Kat' leong cha!

  22. Jaundice from Ginger meh? I didnt take Ginger but my son had jaundicetoo

  23. My favourite dish when I am missing home :) Looks fantastic!

  24. Super good looking recipe.
    I love ginger especially when it's in baked goods.

    As for the postnatal ginger warning... you know it really seems there are so many "DON'TS" these day for the pregnant or the postnatal. I'm just amazed how any of us lived to be the ages we are!

  25. Pete : Thanks for the link! Hopefully, you'll find some nice recipes here to try off!

    Angie : Thanks dear!

    Silvia : Thanks alot!

    Cheah : Not really cause it started raining since the past few days! Quite comforting actually and belly warming.

    Skucing : My 1st child the same! I never breastfeed my 1st one and she still jaundice. Just exposed her to the indirect morning sunlight and she's fine after 2 days. So, nothing to panic about!

    3HTummies : Ask mom to visit, OK!

    Joanne : Yeah, I think the same! A lot of 'Don'ts' these days! Maybe because of the pollution and things started to change. Thanks so much for your comment!

    Have a great weekend guys!

    Best regards,

  26. my mom-in-law MADE me eat ginger fried rice every single meal after i gave birth to ethan. she thought there's too much air in my body needed to be released. and ginger helps that way. so, i ate tons of ginger during my post-natal period. i breastfed ethan, and he's fine though he hd jaundice right after he's born (nothing to do with ginger).

  27. Lulu : But why doctors kept telling the postnatal mothers stop eating ginger! Yes, your MIL is right! Ginger is the most important cooking ingredient for postnatal moms and this tradition has been passing on & on from generations to generations, even hundreds or thousand of years. I think Chinese Medicine is quite incredible! Thanks so much for the comment. Really appreciate it!
    Have a great weekend, girl!

  28. Simply delicious and wonderful chicken.

  29. What a wonderful chicken dish. It looks and sounds delicious. That it is also easy to make is another positive :-). I hope you have a fabulous day. Blessings...Mary

  30. Love dish with ginger, smells wonderful taste wonderful. It looks yummy.

  31. I've heard this ginger story before. Is it just all old wives' tales?
    One of mine was juandiced but it had nothing to do with ginger.

    Great looking chicken dish by the way!

  32. delicious your chicken,have a nice week-end!

  33. loved ur header so cute ..gr8 tempting dish hey iam hosting a give away if ur intrested pls doo stop by at my blog .

  34. ok! i just discovered your blog, so much to say, and love!

    my mom, always said that her (Chinese) mom thought she ought to have a soup make of chitterlings (pigs intestines) vinegar and whisky to "clean her out" after giving birth. i can't imagine that ginger was withheld from any succeeding meals.

    as for ginger....i had quite a bad tummy bug last month for a week and it didn't get better untli 1l i ate two bowls or my mothers juk (rice porridge/congee) and 2) a whole bag of candied ginger!

    and then I could go to a birthday party and eat sashimi with no worries!

    i'll say it again, love your blog - that chocolate croissant recipe!!!!!

  35. Wow, your chicken look delicious!!

  36. Yummy chicken with black pepper and ginger! I'm hearing all kinds of warnings about ginger recently, very interesting.

  37. the black pepper and ginger and wine in chicken. Looks very delicious. I'll eat more rice with this dish. Now I want to cook chicken again today :D

  38. j'essaye de sentir son odeur à travers mon é doit être un plaisir pour les papilles
    bonne journée

  39. The older I get, the more I appreciate ginger. I wonder why...

  40. I love the flavor & aroma of ginger & pepper too! Sedapnya!!

  41. as you say ... hmm! Feel the same!

  42. I love dark meat of chicken. Your dish looks so yummylicious:) I've never heard about the "ginger is not good for the postnatal moms. And we at a fair amount of ginger in Thailand. Interesting to know though.

  43. This looks fantastic and I love ginger. Ginger is okay for postnatal moms but of course we don't consume them in industrial size. Ginger is actually one of the recommended ingredients for mothers who just gave birth.


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