Cappuccino Brownie Unbaked Cheese Cake

While I was scrolling for some brownie cheesecake recipe yesterday, I noticed that they normally had the brownie and cheesecake both baked. I've been craving this kind of cake for quite awhile and as time concern I wanted something quick and easy to prepare. So I decided to bake the brownie and then top with unbaked cheesecake. And here's what I did.

Ingredients for Cappucino Brownie :

100gm butter
100gm white chocolate
90gm brown sugar
1 tbsp instant cappuccino powder
(I used 1 pkt 3 in 1 Oldtown white coffee)
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
2 tbsp yogurt
100gm flour

Method :

- melt butter and chocolate over a double boiler.
- off the heat, stir in sugar & cappuccino untill well mixed and leave lukewarm.
- combine eggs & yogurt then slowly stir into the chocolate mixture and mix well.
- finally, shift in flour and stir untill combined.
- pour batter to a 8" spring form pan.
- bake at 175'C for 20mins.

Ingredients for Unbaked Cheese Cake :
250gm cream cheese, soften
70gm icing sugar
300gm whipping cream
1 tbsp gelatine
30ml lime juice
20ml water
1 tspn lime zest

* extra dark chocolate for decoration.

Method :

- combine water & lime juice and bring it to boil.
- off the heat, stir in gelatine untill dissolved.
- beat cream cheese and sugar until creamy.
- combine whipped cream, cream cheese, lime zest and gelatine mixture together untill well mixed.
- spread the mixture over to the brownie and leave chill overnight or minimum 3 hours.

Can't wait to dig into it the next morning..... yet still have to wait till after the photography session! And now, here's my first strong lime flavour cheesecake with yummo coffee flavour brownie. And super love the dark chocolate flavour topping. Wonderful....wonderful! So, are you craving for this tooooo?
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