Ginkgo & Longan Mini Sweet Rice Dumpling

Oh wow, time just flies! I still remember the last rice dumpling I published on last year around this time. If I'm not mistaken there's no one reading my post! =( But I'm so glad I finally met so many foodie friends from all around the world by this time of the year. I have no doubt how fortunate I am to have all of you around. I enjoy every moment of it. And here's something nice & sweet to go along with our yearly Dumpling Festival celebration, which is fall on the coming 16th of June.
Here's the recipe.
Ingredients :
230gm glutinous rice flour
75gm rice flour
15ml corn oil

300ml water
125gm sugar
5 pandan leaves/ 1 tspn pandan extract

70gm fresh ginkgo nuts (I used 1 packet)
25gm dried longan

* extra cooking oil for hand coating.

Method :

- combine ingredients (A) in a mixing bowl untill oil totally combined.
- combine ingredients (B) in a saucepan and boil till sugar dissolved.
- slowly stir in ingredients (B) into (A) untill form a sticky soft dough.
- then add in ingredients (C) and mix untill combined.

- now, fold a piece of bamboo leaf into a cone shape.
- add a ball of dough and shape into a triangle, then secure with a string
- steam the prepared dumplings over rapid boiling water for 15 mins.
- then leave cool and serve with palm sugar syrup.

Ingredients for Palm Sugar Syrup :
100gm palm sugar
2 tbsp water
50gm thick coconut milk

( combine all ingredients in a saucepan and boil untill thicken.)

I only used three quarter for the longan & ginkgo nuts flavour. The other one quarter I used red bean paste for fillings. Pretty nice though! I still think the longan flavour dumpling quite unique. My daughter took a few of that and ME...haha.... I ate four straight! haha.... Hey, don't laugh! Hopefully, I don't look like BIG MAMA by the end of the year.
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