Dragon Fruit Jam & Lemon Marmalade Jam

Jam is something that I really wanted to put my hands on since the beginning but most of the recipes need to have pectin powder which I can't even find it here. Well, that was my last year story! Thank goodness that we can actually make our own natural pectin! At last.... at last.....
So, here comes my babies.
Ingredients for Lemon Marmalade :
5 cups lemon, thinly sliced (equal to 7 lemons)
4-1/2 cups sugar
5 cups water
*a chilled plate and 4 empty jars
Method :
- before slicing the lemon, cut off both ends, remove seeds and inner pith completely.
- tie up the unused lemon parts in a cheese cloth and set aside to use it to make pectin later on.
- then soak sliced lemon for 6 hours or overnight.
- boil the lemon once it's ready with the unused lemon parts for about 1/2 hour or untill soft.
- remove the cheese cloth and try to squeeze out the natural pectin from there.
- now, add in sugar and keep boiling for another 1/2 hour or untill became a little thickened.

- test the jelly by placing a teaspoon of the hot jelly on a chilled plate.
- if the jelly holds its shape a bit, like an egg then its ready.
- off the heat, pour the jelly out into jars and sealed.
To prepare jars : You can either bake them in the oven at 200'c for about 5-10 mins and then leave aside for cooling. Or boiling them in a pot of water, drain & dry up fast and then leave aside to cool slowly.
To seal the jars : quickly put on the lids once finished filling in the jam. Then over turn the jar and leave cool completely upside down.
Do you know that lemon marmalade is actually much yummier than orange marmalade? And its quite affordable too! I only spent RM$7.00 on the fresh lemons and about RM$2.50 on sugar. And I got all together 4 jars of lemon marmalade jam.
Ingredients for Dragon Fruit Jam :
1 kg dragon fruits, cubed
400gm sugar
1 lemon, quartered (squeeze out the juice)
1/3 cup water
* a chilled plate and 2 empty jars.

Method :
- combine dragon fruit, lemon juice, lemon skin and water into a non-stick pot.
- simmer over medium heat untill the fruit became soft & juicy.
- add in sugar and leave to boil by increasing the heat.
- in the other hand, try to press on the lemon skin for the pectin.
- keep stirring the mixture constantly untill thickened.
- again place a teaspoon of the hot jelly to a chilled plate to test if it is ready for canning.
- finally, off the heat and pour out the jelly into jars.
Don't you think this dragon fruit jam looks very much like raspberry or strawberry jam? Frankly, dragon fruit itself is actually quite light in flavour unlike other fruits. But it tastes completely different with the addition of lemon. It gives you a very special mingled flavour between the two.
I'm going to surprise my mom with these jams! Sent out three jars this morning by fast post. Hopefully, she will call me up by tomorrow morning! hehe.... By the way, I wonder if Malaysia can produce this kind of jam as one of our local product!
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