Kiwi 'Batik' Mousse Cake

I was actually planning to make a 'Batik' cake at the beginning but my boy said he doesn't want Milo in the cake. Well, he is the boss because it's his birthday cake anyway! =o) He requested for a cheese cake or mousse cake for his birthday. So, as he wishes! Here's what I've came out with! .......

Ingredients for Kiwi Mousse :

350gm fresh kiwi fruit, mashed
120gm sugar
1 tspn kiwi paste/extract (or 2 drops of green colouring)

2 tbsp gelatine
100gm water

500ml whipping cream

*1 packet Marie biscuit for layering

Method :
- combine ingredients (B) and set aside.
- combine ingredients (A) and simmer over low heat untill sugar dissolved.
- add mixture (B) into kiwi mixture and stir untill gelatine totally dissolved.
- leave the kiwi mixture aside for cooling.
- stir in the kiwi mixture bit by bit to the whipped cream untill well mixed.
- divide kiwi mousse cream into 5 portion.
- lined parchment paper to a 9" square tray.
- place in the Marie biscuit to the tray, then cover it with one portion of cream mixture.
- repeat the process untill everything is completed
- then chilled overnight or untill the mousse is set.
- finally, decorate the cake as desired.
* do not add in extra kiwi fruits because kiwi contains more liquid than berries. (300gm to 350gm should be just nice)

I can actually managed to put 5 layers in it but I only put 4!

Do you think it looks too green? I used white chocolate & green pandan chocolate bar for this.

My boy loves every bit of it. Kiwi has such refreshing flavour and it really does smell terrific. I have to say everyone loves it. I definitely will make this again soon. ^_^ So, enjoy!
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