Sour Plum Jelly

Sorry that I've went missing for a couple of days! As every this time of the year, I was busy preparing for the Chinese Ghost Festival . Chinese Ghost Festival also called as 'Yu Lan' or 'Zhong Yuan' Festival. According to the legend, every 1st of July Yama is ordered to open the door to hell and then the suffering innocent ghosts will hang out in a short time (it's actually one month) to enjoy fresh food. During this period, incense is burnt infront or behind of each household together with fruits and food to show respect to the ghost . In some places, people flow water lanterns. According to the Chinese tradition, the lanterns are used to direct the ghost to find their way back. Click here for more interesting stories. As usual, I have prepared quite a number of dishes for the offer. And it's exhausting!

Ingredients :

15gm preserved sweet sour plum (about 6pcs)
1L water
100gm sugar
15gm agar-agar powder

Method :

- soak preserved sour plum into 500ml boiling water for an hour.
- then add in the other half 500ml water into the soaked sour plum.
- blend the sour plum untill smooth and combine with the remaining ingredients.
- boil the mixture untill everything is totally dissolved.
- off the heat, pour the mixture to tray or jelly moulds.
- leave cool completely and keep chilled before serving.

This is the recipe which I supposed to show you guys during the last Ghost Festival but only be able to make it this year. Hope you won't mind! However, there are actually two types of preserved sour plum, one is sweet which is darker in colour and the other one is salty kind of sour plum which is white in colour. In this recipe, you can choose either one. I used both! This is truly a mouthwatering dessert! Anyone who loves sour plum will definitely love this too! Yumm....

Well, before ending this, I would like to thanks Jess @ Bakericious for passing me these wonderful awards. Thanks a million! I am truly honoured and appreciate it. (Btw, sorry for the delay!) ^_^

Hereby, I would like to dedicate these awards to all of my blogger buddies. You are the greatest!Love you always!

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