Sour Plum Jelly

Sorry that I've went missing for a couple of days! As every this time of the year, I was busy preparing for the Chinese Ghost Festival . Chinese Ghost Festival also called as 'Yu Lan' or 'Zhong Yuan' Festival. According to the legend, every 1st of July Yama is ordered to open the door to hell and then the suffering innocent ghosts will hang out in a short time (it's actually one month) to enjoy fresh food. During this period, incense is burnt infront or behind of each household together with fruits and food to show respect to the ghost . In some places, people flow water lanterns. According to the Chinese tradition, the lanterns are used to direct the ghost to find their way back. Click here for more interesting stories. As usual, I have prepared quite a number of dishes for the offer. And it's exhausting!

Ingredients :

15gm preserved sweet sour plum (about 6pcs)
1L water
100gm sugar
15gm agar-agar powder

Method :

- soak preserved sour plum into 500ml boiling water for an hour.
- then add in the other half 500ml water into the soaked sour plum.
- blend the sour plum untill smooth and combine with the remaining ingredients.
- boil the mixture untill everything is totally dissolved.
- off the heat, pour the mixture to tray or jelly moulds.
- leave cool completely and keep chilled before serving.

This is the recipe which I supposed to show you guys during the last Ghost Festival but only be able to make it this year. Hope you won't mind! However, there are actually two types of preserved sour plum, one is sweet which is darker in colour and the other one is salty kind of sour plum which is white in colour. In this recipe, you can choose either one. I used both! This is truly a mouthwatering dessert! Anyone who loves sour plum will definitely love this too! Yumm....

Well, before ending this, I would like to thanks Jess @ Bakericious for passing me these wonderful awards. Thanks a million! I am truly honoured and appreciate it. (Btw, sorry for the delay!) ^_^

Hereby, I would like to dedicate these awards to all of my blogger buddies. You are the greatest!Love you always!


  1. I love preserved plum. In Thailand, many restaurants make preserved plum drinks. So refreshing. However, I never thought that you would make it even more interesting with this jelly. I'm so gonna make this. It's really hot here in Vancouver.

  2. Tana, thanks! I think anything with sour plum must be mouthwatering. LOL! haha.... Just by the word already can make me salivate. My kids love it. Yeah, it's pretty yummy taking this during the heaty season.
    Hope you're enjoying your day.
    Cheers, kristy

  3. we don't have preserved sour plums here but your recipe is so kid friendly....looks like something out of this world and I'm sure kids would go crazy here for it

  4. Very refreshing, love sour plums too. can eat a few at one go! After that suffered from sensitive teeth! Great idea to add into jelly.

  5. beautiful and delicious jelly,kristy,another wonderful idea!you are always very creative!and the story of the ghost and your celebration is so interesting to me,thanks!

  6. biasa jelly is sweet. Interesting also this asam boi jelly.

  7. MY mum loves all kinds of fruity jellies...I have plenty of agar agar in the pantry, and I shall make some before summer is over. (Very short summer here....)

  8. What a fascinating story. This looks so interesting - sour plums must be that great tart sweetness.

  9. I love sour plums, I used to eat them all the time when I lived in Hawaii. There, they were easy to find! We had this girl that would sell them in our office. I think they were surprised that I liked them so much. I can just imagine how good this beautiful dessert tastes! Your hard work has paid off! Enjoy the festival and celebration! Cheers!

  10. Squeeze some calamansi juice into the agar mixture and woweee!!!!

  11. hhmmmmm...sweet sour jelly.. nice,.. i can imagine how it tastes right now.. hahha..this is called "wai sik"...

  12. Real refreshing jelly for a hot day. You so rajin, do you pray so early for the festival, thought it's only the 14th and 15th day that we offer to the deceased.

  13. voilà une belle recette que je n'ai jamais essayé, ça doit être succulent
    j'en prends note et bravo pour les prix
    bonne journée

  14. Jelena : I know it's difficult to find this kind of ingredients over in Europe. However, it still good to learn more!

    Jeannie : Just talking about sour plum... my salivate already dripping! haha....

    Alison : Thank you so much! Hope you're enjoying the story.

    Smallkucing : You never tried this before?

    Angie : Wow, great! You have preserved sour plum?

    Belinda : Yes, it is indeed!

    Lyndz : Do you???? Oh wow, I am pretty surprise too! haha... Btw, I've already fed them(the hungry ghosts) on the 1st day of the Chinese Lunar Calender. Hehe.... I'll tell you more stories later.

    Wendy : Yeah, I think it's great too!

    Claire : Are you salivating too? haha....

    Cheah : I did the offering on the 1st day every year. I don't want to wait till the 14th or 15th, very troublesome! Some more the sooner I settle everything the better. "Kia su" lah! HAHAHAHA... Eh, tell you what! Last year, they did make a respond to me, you know!

    Fimere : Merci, hope you like it too!

    Abbey : Thanks alot and welcome to my humble little space. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Andrea : Thank you! Glad you like it too.

    Thanks ladies for spending your time here with me today. Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

    Blessings, kristy

  15. so how many of these desserts did the ghost eat? bet all of them, they look amazing...

  16. Congratulations on your blog award. Your deserve it.
    The desert looks amazing. I love it when agar agar is combined with different flavors.
    I just want to ask, is the sour or sweet plum the traditional dessert for the festival?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  17. That looks so refreshing - I love the idea of the sour plum. the story behind making the dessert is truly grand. Wishing I was a ghost visiting your home...

  18. arhh.....can i have some? i love all sorts of sour plum must be very nice!

  19. I love sour anything, so this would be right up my street!!

  20. Drick : Nice to see you here! I'm not sure if they eat them all but I'm sure they'll like it.

    Madin : Oh, do you like it too! Great! Preserved sour plum is my favourite tibit. No, it's not a traditional dessert. Just that I don't make this often.

    Claudia : Thanks alot. Hope you will enjoy the stories!

    Thank you all for stopping by and nice to hear from you. Hope you all enjoying your weekend.

    Cheers, kristy

  21. I made these too! I can't take sour plum on it's own (too sour for me) so I had to "convert" them into something edible.

  22. This is so beautifully presented! So you've been dabbling with the ghosts have you?

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