Pineapple Tart Roll

I guess you guys have been seeing all those pineapple tarts over and over again for the past whole month, right! Getting tired! haha.... Frankly, this is one of the most popular goodies during the Chinese New Year. It has the meaning of bringing good luck and fortune to the family. And that's why I'm so tempting to make mine this year too. There's so many versions of pineapple tarts out there but still I love the most is the Malay version Pineapple tart rolls. Since there's too many recipes to choose from, I finally came up a few (rolls & round ones as well) and let my family and neighbours to make the votes. haha... Good idea huh! They all voted for this roll tart but still the original recipe wasn't exactly what I'm looking for. So, finally I came up with this.

Ingredients for Tart Dough :
150gm butter, softened
1 tbsp sugar
2 egg yolks
120gm corn flour
80gm all purpose flour
30gm milk powder
* 1 egg yolk for glazing.
* pineapple jam for fillings

The above shown is the pineapple crust dough gadget that the shop owner recommends me to use. Though, it's a finger press gadget yet it's fast and easy to handle.

Method :
(1) combine corn flour, all purpose flour and milk powder in a big bowl.
(2) cream butter, sugar and egg yolks untill fluffy.
(3) fold in the dry ingredients and mix well to form a soft dough.
(4) form a dough sheet by using a flat shape gadget.
(5) place on pineapple jam and roll it up.
(6) brush on egg glaze and bake at preheated oven 165-170'C for about 20 mins.
(7) cool for 5 mins before removing to wire rack.

Of course, these have to be tested by two of my Q.C. for approval! haha.... All I heard was a BIG shout out "YES!" from my boy and another "YES!" from my girl. My boy even explained to me why he called it a "yes". He said the texture is not even falling apart eventhough it's so very soft and everything hold on so well together. It's smell terrific as well. This is exactly the kind of tart roll he is expecting! Hope you will like it too.
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