Salted Black Pepper Cracker

These are my very first batch of homemade crackers. I never knew it was so easy to make. Just with some simple ingredients, you'll be able to enjoy freshly baked 'RITZ' crackers. Oh yes, what is better than homemade crackers! It does taste exactly like one of those 'RITZ' crackers..... but with my fancy flavouring. Isn't that fun!

Ingredients :
150gm all purpose flour
1/4 tspn baking soda
3/4 tspn yeast
50gm margarine
60ml milk
1/2 tbsp crashed black pepper

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients in a big mixing bowl.
(2) stir to form a dough and keep kneading till you get a smooth dough.

(3) once the dough is ready, roll out flat as thin as possible.
(4) shape the dough as desired and place them to baking tray.
(5) leave to rest for 10 mins and sprinkle a dash of salt over the top.
(6) finally, bake at preheated oven 200'C for 10-15 mins (according to size) or untill brown.
(7) keep them into air tight container once they're cooled completely.

You'll have whole lot to feed if your triple the recipe. The best thing was you're feeding your family something fresh and good, without any preservatives and with your own favourite flavours as well. How cool is that! This is a quickie recipe, so there's nothing to hesitate about. Enjoy & have lots of fun! Well, kids are welcome to join in the fun.
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