Pulut Rempah Udang

'Pulut Rempah Udang' is also meaning as stuffed glutinous rice with spiced coconut filling. It is one popular kuih among all those nyonya desserts. Though, there's alot of work is involved in this recipe yet it's still all worth it. The original nyonya style rempah filling is not spicy but sweet and it looks darker instead of yellow. Well, I might as well make another batch with the sweet version later on. I will never had enough of them. I especially love the filling....simply delicious.

Ingredients :
500gm glutinous rice
400ml light coconut milk
1-1/2 tspn salt
1-1/2 tbsp sugar

Method :
(1) rinse the rice thoroughly, divide into two portion.
(one portion soaked with blue colouring & the other one with plain water)
(2) combine salt, sugar and coconut milk together, mix well.
(3) drain rice and then add in 200ml coconut milk to each rice.
(4) steam for 25 mins over preheated steamer.
(5) leave cool completely before combining them together.

(1) by using a sushi mould, place in some steamed rice and fillings.
(2) press the rice untill nicely fit and remove them from mould.

(3) place the moulded rice to a piece of banana leaf.
(4) wrap the leaf around the rice.

(5) use your fingertip press against the end of one edge.
(6) fold in both sides and stapler up the folding neatly.

(7) simply push the rice to one side to prevent lose space.
(8) repeat the folding and stapler to seal.
(9) finally, toast them over frying pan untill the leaf is roughly burnt or bake at preheated oven 220'c for about 15 mins. But it's still the best to pan toast them on a non stick pan over medium heat, with a little oil to prevent the leaves from drying out.
You can roughly get about 40+ pieces all of them and is about two bites size each. Perfect for parties or any gathering.

The blue colouring is totally different from the original blue which made of dried pea flowers. My nearby friends (mostly farmers), they said they'll plant the blue pea flowers for me. haha.... How nice of them. Then I'll have all the supply I want. How cool is that. lol! So, stay tune for more delicious treats.

* I'm sending this to Shaz @ Muhibbah Malaysia Monday Event.
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