'One Stone Two Birds' Tea Snack

Malaysia is such an amazing place where there's so much food available just everywhere you go. From breakfast till dinner or even supper. Those simple little snacks can make your day so much easier. What I'm going to introduce you today is sweet & savory tea snack which you could enjoy at the same time. I love cucur badak, the savory deep fried sweet potato with rempah udang filling. But my kids prefer the sweet version deep fried sweet potato, kuih keria. So, what should I do ? NO PROBLEM. ! Just make both in one shot cause they both using the same ingredients.

Ingredients for Dough :
600gm sweet potato, steamed & mashed
1 tspn salt
100gm all purpose flour
(combine all ingredients and mix to form a soft dough, it's best to mix them up while the mashed potato is still warm. Then divide into 35gm each per portion)

(1) fill the mashed potato with inti rempah udang, and sealed nicely.
(2) roll into smooth ball and then slightly flatten it.
(3) deep fry them in hot oil untill golden brown.

Cucur badak is my all time favourite snack. I especially love the deep fried crust with spicy savory filling. Perfect for anytime.

(1) shape mashed potato into doughnut shape.
(2) then deep fry in hot oil untill golden brown.
(3) finally, stir them over hot syrup frosting and leave cool completely before serving.

Kuih Keria is more to sweet flavour deep fried mashed potato. This is a quickie delicious snack you'll never resist.

Ingredients for Hot Syrup Frosting :
4 tbsp castor sugar
2 tbsp water
a drop of pandan extract

Method :
(1)combine all ingredients and boil over medium heat.
(2) off the heat once it starts bubbling, stir in deep fried kuih keria untill well coated.
(3) leave them onto a tray to cool completely, the syrup will crystallize once it's cooled.
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