Jaggery Sugar Jelly Layer Cake

I made this cake a couple of weeks back. It's hubby 2nd birthday cake. The first one was a common blueberry cream cake. I am craving for the one with palm sugar or jaggery sugar jelly cake since long ago which I can't find it elsewhere. The only jelly cake available at the shop was pandan coconut, corn and  yam/taro flavour jelly cake. So what else can I do! Just go ahead and give it a go. It's my first attempt. I was a bit nervous at the beginning, not knowing if the sponge will goes perfect with the jelly or the jelly mixture enough to cover the cake and so on. Phewwww..... thank gpodness ! The cake turned out terrific and the jelly just enough to cover the whole thing.  :o)

This is the jaggery sugar I used on my jelly. Very fragrant.

Ingredients for sponge :
3 egg yolk
90gm  sugar
60ml  milk
70gm  superfine flour
3 TB  corn oil
1 tspn  pandan coconut paste

3 egg white
1/4 tspn  cream of tartar

Note :  for 6" tray ~ 3 layers
            but I made 3x 7-1/2" tray ~ 6 layers to make 2 cakes
            for chocolate cake ~ use 50gm  superfine flour + 20gm cocoa powder

Method :
(1) beat egg yolk & sugar till pale and fluffy.
(2) then alternately add in milk & flour till everything combined.
(3) next, beat in oil & pandan coconut paste and set aside.
(4) whisk ingredients (B) till peak form.
(5) now, fold egg white into (A) mixture in 3 batches till everything done.
(6) finally, bake at preheated oven 150'C for 30 mins and 170'C for 20 mins or till the tester came out clean.
(7) cooled to room temperature before slicing.

Ingredients for Jelly : 
(for 8-1/2" tray ~ 3 layer 7-1/2" cake)
400ml   thick coconut milk
800ml    water
85gm    hoen kwee flour (white)
15gm   agar-agar powder
200gm  jaggery sugar
80gm   brown sugar

*  1 TB syrup
   1 cup roasted coconut for decoration

Method :
(1) combine hoen kwee flour, agar-agar powder and jaggery sugar into a pot and press the rock size sugar till nice & fine. It's easier to dissolve in that way.
(2) then stir in coconut milk & water to mix well.
(3) cook over medium heat by stirring constantly till mixture is thickened.
(4) divide mixture into 4 rice bowl equally.

(1) pour one portion of the jelly mixture to the pot slightly bigger than the sponge.
(2) place in a layer of sponge and slightly press the sponge to the jelly.
(3) pour in 2nd portion of jelly and spread to cover everything nicely.
(4) place in 2nd layer of sponge and again slightly press the sponge to the jelly.
(5) pour in 3rd portion of jelly and spread to cover everything nicely.
(6) place the last layer of sponge and again slightly press the sponge to the jelly.
(7) finally, pour in the last batch of jelly and spread to cover everything nicely.
(8) leave to cool at room temperature and then keep refrigerated overnight before serving.

Couldn't find a perfect cake pan for my cake. Lucky or not? I found a perfect pot for it. haha..... And the size is just nice.

Ta...da...here's my jaggery sugar jelly cake. Looks & smell really irresistible. I wanna try with palm sugar the next time I make this. Wonder how it would taste! :o)

I actually brush on a layer of thin syrup over the whole jelly cake to give it the shiny look. NO, not sweet at all ! I found that the jelly made of jaggery sugar isn't very sweet compare to white sugar or brown sugar. I actually prefer sweeter jelly. However, I really love the smell of the cake. Nice !
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