Tri~Colour Ice Tea @ 三色奶茶

I fell in love with this tri-colour tea eversince hubby ordered for me at one of our local  kopitiam (coffee shop) a few months back. Honestly, I'm not a tea person. But lately I'm really addicted to this tri-colour tea. Why it is called a tri-colour tea? Well, please scroll downwards and take a look at the below pictures then you'll see. Oh yeah....this tea is made of three different ingredients in three layers. Since these few days has been so warm over here, it would be nice to enjoy this at home. And here's what we need for the tea.

This is the concentrate wheat grass juice we need to add to the drinks. This is concrntrate sweetened juice or you may use any branding of wheat grass juice as desired. Mine is only around RM10.00 per bottle. If not mistaken, some kopitiam serving it with palm sugar syrup (gula melaka) instead of wheatgrass juice.

Ingredients for Tea : (to serve 3)
3  Lipton tea bags
500ml  boiling water
6 tspn  sugar
(combine everything and stir till sugar dissolved then set aside to sit for 15mins)

Firstly, pour in 3 tablespoon of concentrate wheat grass juice to a glass and then fill in half of the glass with ice cube.

Now, adding in 3 tablespoon of evaporated milk over the ice and let it flow slowly downwards. You can clearly see the layering between the two.

Finally, top up the glass with ice cube and pour in about 150ml tea mixture. Do not stir the drink untill you serve it to others.

So, here we are the tri-colour icy cold tea. Hubby is shaking his head when I placed this drink infront of him. haha.... "You made this ????" hubby asked."Yeah, I made this !....SO...." I said. "Good then I can save a few ringgits the next time we visit that kopitiam." :o(   Naaaa.....just joking ! haha.... He is actually speechless after he tried the tea and with his thumb up later on. :o)  Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy !
By the way, my previous post was being featured at Asian Food Channel yesterday (13th of March). Thanks to AFC !
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