Gyoza In Red Hot Kimchi Mixed

Does it sound weird to you when I mentioned gyoza in kimchi mixed???? haha.... It doesn't make sense at all cause gyoza is Japanese style dumpling and kimchi is Korean food. Can you imagine the combination between the two? Honestly, it actually turned out pretty good. I'll have to say eating dumpling with hot tasty sourish kimchi mixed is another new experience to me. I suggest to add in extra bird-eye chilies which is just terrific for an Asian taste bud. Don't won't be eating this with tears over your eyes. :o)

And here's what I did.
Ingredients for Gyoza :
one fish paste mixture recipe, refer here
one batch homemade jiaozi skin 
some spring onion, thinly sliced
1 cup  homemade kimchi mixed

Ingredients for stock :
1 TB  gochujang sauce (Korean red chili paste)
1-1/2 cup  water
1 tspn   vegetable granule
(combine everything & mix well)

Method :
(1) preheat non-stick frying pan with some cooking oil, cook gyoza over medium heat till bottom turned brown.

(2) once the gyoza is cooked, add in stock mixture and let it cook over medium heat with lid on for another 10 mins or more or till the gravy became thicken.

(3) finally, stir in kimchi mixed and let to cook for another 2 mins...just to warm it up. Then serve hot with either noodle or rice.
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