Homemade Golden Seafood Tofu @ Hai Xian Tofu

If you're a Malaysian, you should have heard and seen this kind of fried tofu very often at the supermarket frozen department, even wet market or serving steamy hot from the kitchen of a local restaurant which most of them claimed that it's their signature dish. Ok Ok signature dish or not, whereas, it is now mine signature dish as well. haha..... Are you dare to try it ?

Here's what I did.
(recipe adapted by here)
Ingredients :
250gm   fish & shrimp paste mixture
(with additional chopped mushroom)
2 tube Japanese egg tofu
2 pcs silky soft tofu /1 box soft tofu (around 300gm)
handful of cilantro, chopped
2 TB  scallop sauce
salt & pepper to taste

Method :
(1) place everything together and beat with electrical mixer till well combined.
(2) spread mixture to a 7" baking tray lined with plastic sheet then cover the top nicely with the same sheet.
(3) steam over medium heat for about 10 mins or till set.
(4) then leave cooled before slicing.
(5) finally, coat each block of tofu with corn flour and fry till golden brown.

Make sure your steamer is not overly hot, otherwise partial of the texture will became harden.

The tofu will brown very fast, so be very careful with the temperature.

It is best to have an early preparation and keep this tofu refrigerated or frozen either way. So that you can serve it at any time. Of coz, you can easily get this kind of frozen seafood tofu at the supermarket or even wet market but I bet it ain't taste the same.
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