Kuih Bom Pisang @ Deep Fried Banana Donut

My leftover bananas has been sitting on the dinning table for some time already. No one seems interested. Probably because of the weather ! It has been so warm for the past couple of days. Hmmm.....something need to be done before they all ended into the dustbin. And this kuih bom idea came just right on time. I've been wanting to make this long ago. Since it can be easily found here and it's cheap.....so I kept on delay & delay....& delay. :o) But this round I have no more excuses. LOL. So, here's what I did.

(recipe adapted from here)
Ingredients :
200gm   banana, mashed
1 TB  brown sugar
1/2 cup  all purpose flour
1/4 tspn  baking powder
1/4 tspn baking soda
a pinch of salt

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients into a bowl and mix to form a paste.
(2) then set aside to rest for an hour.
(3) now, heat up a pot of cooking oil.just enough for frying.
(4) spoon some batter to the hot oil and let to fry till brown.
(5) then it's ready for serving.

Kuih bom or kuih pisang is one of many delicious & light street food over here. It's one of my favourite snack but I usually buy them at the Malay food stall early in the morning for my breakfast. Mine isn't perfect enough. I prefer darker crust which I think it's maybe caused by different type of bananas used. Will try out other type of bananas soon. However, I'm sure you guys will love this easy banana donuts too. Enjoy !
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