Dory Fillet With Creamy Mushroom Dijon Mustard Sauce

My pre-Valentine's Day meal I made for my family a day before Valentine's Day. I know..I know! It's all over ! :P Well, this is a food blog, right? :o) Honestly, I hate rushing around during the week days especially when there are things need to be done according to schedule, like sending kids to school, tuition classes and other activities. It's never been easy being a full-time housewife and a full time driver as well. It ain't something like anyone of those 'Desperate Housewife'. Having tea with friends, relaxing and gossips.... Dream on! So, I had everything done by the weekend.

Ingredients : (serve 3 to 4)
3 dory fillet, halved
salt & pepper to taste
2/3 cup flour

Creamy Mushroom Dijon Mustard Sauce :
1 large onion, chopped
50gm mushroom, sliced
1/2 tbsp dijon mustard/yellow mustard powder
1/2 cup white wine
1-1/2 cup heavy cream
salt to taste

Method :
(1) marinade fish fillet with salt & pepper.
(2) preheat frying pan with 2tbsp butter.
(3) coat fish fillet with flour and pan fry untill cooked, set aside.
(4) using the same frying pan, add in some butter.
(5) stir in chopped onion & sliced mushroom, saute untill fragrant.
(6) add in dijon mustard and saute for a few seconds.
(7) then add in white wine and cook for a minute.
(8) finally, stir in cream and cook untill creamy, add in salt to taste.
(9) off the heat, place the cream sauce over the cooked fish fillet.
This rich and creamy sauce is also perfect to use in any ravioli recipe or maybe gnocchi too.

It should be a satisfying meal cause my boy just sat there and ate his food quietly.... with NO complaints! ha... They both finished everything up. I only managed to finish the fish & salad but I have space for desserts! Well, stay tune! The Brioche recipe is coming next. Enjoy.


  1. Mr P and I ate dory at a very expensive french restaurant and it was just delicious! I'd love to try this beautiful dish.
    *kisses* HH

  2. i love dijon mustard and great to know another way of making creamy sauce out of it!

  3. i understood the silence of your boy!:)the food is amazing,great combo,kristy!:)

  4. Definitely good for the blog and not just for valentines day, although this is a wonderful meal for such an occasion :) Lovely!

  5. This looks so good! Better late than never!

  6. Who cares when? It looks like a perfect meal anytime. Love the sauce.

  7. I cant stop stareing at the screen wow what a sauce!

  8. I usually eat this dory fish panfried with butter and garlic and a squeeze of lemon juice...great idea with the sauce!

  9. Kristy - satu hari nanti kita pasti temu. Mungkin saya yang cari kamu kat sana LOL Kamu masakkan ini buat saya ok? Pencuci mulut, saya yang bawa ;) Saya tengok ni, tak tahanlah. Pasti sedap sekali rasanaya!!!!

    Jaga diri baik-baik sayang!

  10. looks really good i love the sauce

  11. I need this recipe badly, thanks for sharing!

    Btw, where can I find this dijon mustard? is this the same with those yellow mustard?!

    have a great weekend, Kristy!

  12. Glad you posted this delicious recipe, regardless of the day it was made for. It is perfect for any time. I so want to have one of those Desperate Housewives days where we can go lunch with friends and hit the spa. Yeah right!

  13. Valentine day or not... this dish looks great. :)

  14. 哇咔咔,这个我要学起来^^

  15. Kristy, you are so busy and still cook and bake so much. You are one amazing woman! My children will have to eat stew or soup everyday if I am so busy...all in a pot....haha. Hope you have wonderful day.

  16. Oh! This was a great Valentine's Meal! I strongly know your feeling,
    because everyday i also encounter the same routines as yours.

  17. Nice! You are for sure a great cook Kristy! I would have asked my family to just dipped their fried fish in ketchup, hahaha! Ok ok, will bookmark this delicious cream recipe to try out, thanks!

  18. love dory fish. Your dijon mustard sauce sound like a perfect accompaniment!

  19. Diane : Certainly, you're most welcome, my friend!

    HH : Thanks! Hope you'll like it too.

    Lena : Dijon mustard is the mixture of yellow mustard powder with vinegar and some other ingredients. You can get that from Giant or Jusco supermarket. Or you can just use yellow mustard powder. It tastes as good.

    Simona : haha... Thanks! Glad to see you. Hope your computer working in good condition now.

    Alisha : Glad you like it too! Thanks alot.

    Beth : :o) Thanks!

    Belinda : Thanks!

    Claudia : haha... So, did you salivate?

    Jeannie : Better diet ! I would like that as well.

    Denise : Are you serious? Then I shouldn't be cooking. I want to be a Desperate Housewife for a day! haha... We will probably ended up at the kopitiam or KFC or PizzaHut! You take care as well!

    Jess : Thank you!

    Alice : Dijon mustard is available at any supermarket. It's placed under Mayo department.

    Bridgett : Did you just mention SPA! Ooooh... I need one of that too.

    The Sudden Cook : Yes, you can replace it with broth. Certainly, it won't taste the same. More like a chowder.

    Penny : Thank you!

    Blue Wales : All the best!

    MaryMoh : My kids & I prefer stew but the problem is my hubby. He's the fuzziest!:o(

    WaiKitt : Right! Sometimes I don't even have time to brush my hair. God! ha... So, ended up cutting away my long hair.

    Bee : My family is fuzzy eater! They don't eat the same thing everyday. They will start complaining after a while. Hope you will like it too.

    Jen : Thanks so much!

    Thanks everyone for visiting. It's such a great pleasure for having you here. Hope you wiil enjoy the recipe I have here today.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Blessings, Kristy

    Jen :

  20. Oh yes - on all accounts. I think I could have the grand sauce for dinner!

  21. This mustardy creamy sauce over the fish fillets make me drool. I'd love to have a piece!

  22. Yep, I'm going to make this it looks amazing!!! I think I will have to can my sage and white wine mustard to make with this...YUM!

  23. Wow, looks good! Almost similar to what I had in one of the western restaurant here ;)
    You're really good in cooking, Kristy~

  24. WOW! That sauce is calling my name; what a keeper!

  25. I am always so impressed that you can still blog so much with all you do. You are so busy and still cook and bake and blog! WOW!

    This Pre-Valentines dinner looks perfect. The creamy, mushroom, dijon sauce look so good! I want to pour it on everything. I just posted something from Super Bowl, so you are way ahead of me!



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