Wholesome Buckwheat Muffin With Black Grapes

It's nearly impossible for me to buy fresh berries here, I mean my living area. What I can find at the local fruit stall or market place are mostly local fruits and some common imported fruits. I have been eyeing on these black grapes long long time ago and totally attracted to the size. Very tiny just like blueberries! And was wondering if I can use them in my baking too. You know, if it's still a good baking option! :o)

And here's what happened.

Ingredients :
1/2 cup buckwheat flour
1-1/2 cups whole wheat flour/ATTA flour
1/4 cup oats
3 tspn baking powder
1 tspn all spice
4 tbsp sugar
1/2 tspn salt
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1/2 cup thick cream
1 cup milk
1/4 cup corn oil
1 cup black grapes, rinsed

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients and mix well, lastly stir in grapes.
(2) spoon batter evenly into 12 muffin tins, bake at preheated oven 180'C for 20-25mins.

Don't you love how easy it is to make muffins! Even a four years old toddler can make their own bakes.

I am so so happy with the result. This is also my first attempt baking something with buckwheat flour. As I said earlier buckwheat is not wheat flour. Buckwheat is actually fruit seeds and it's 100% gluten-free. Meaning, it's good for your tummy. How could you say "NO!" to such irresistible healthy looking muffins. I can wallop at least a few. Now, I'm being bad again! Probably, should be grounded at least for a week. haha...
I'm sending this to Jess @ Aspiring Bakers #5 Fruity March.


  1. I love all your unique creations! I've never worked with buckwheat flour, but it's going on my "list." And I love that you used grapes. I don't think I've ever seen muffins with grapes.

  2. is a healthier choice! buckwheat is something new to me but it look so lovely! using black grape for muffin is so special. im sure it taste yummy! (:

  3. These buckwheat muffins look delightful. No doubt your toddler is going to be a fabulous baker one day like you.


  4. And they turn out great!!!!Look at them so yummy....

    Great job!!


  5. such a gorgeous ideea ,kristy,the queen of baking!i have buckwheat but i have a problem with it smell or tast ,i can't to use it...

  6. Very nice, you used buckwheat to make the muffins. I like the addition of grapes too. Great recipe, Kristy :)!

  7. yum...wat a delicious recipe...very impressed with your presentation Kristy..
    Tasty appetite

  8. I don't think I could have baked a muffin at 4 years. That said - I cannot begin to equal what you do with your baking magic. Loving the use of buckwheat - something new to try - and yes, I could probably polish off whatever you had left (but I bet there were long gone).

  9. wow...thats tempting n appetizing..

  10. I love the ingredients you've used in these muffins. They really sound delicious. I've done very little baking with buckwheat flour and your recipe intrigues me. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  11. Kristy! Thumbs up for the healthy muffin. I've never used buckwheat flour before, must starts to use more healthy ingredients like you ;)

  12. yummy!!! its look so delicious!

  13. Lovely! and with healthy ingredients too :) Definitely a must-try!

  14. buckwheat makes these muffins a lot healthier to eat ;)

  15. Oh wow, buckwheat muffins! I've only used buckwheat for waffles but not in cakes, very unique Kristy. How is the taste like? Perhaps I should give this a try to use up my buckwheat flour, thanks!

  16. 形状好漂亮,请我吃一个吧??

  17. I make pancakes with buckwheat flour, Kristy, but never have used it in a muffin. These looks really good. Nice substitute with those tiny grapes!

  18. I've never seen these tiny grapes. What a fun idea to use them in a healthy muffin.

  19. kristy, i must say that these muffins are packed with all the wholesome goodness in it. sounds great!

  20. These will be perfect for my health and fitness mission! Thanks :-)

  21. These look so pretty and tastey!! I love all your pics!! I will make these:) Thanks!

  22. great muffins and cool little grapes never seen them before

  23. What awesome little muffins! I never would have thought to use grapes but I bet they taste wonderful in these.

  24. Andrea : Haha... but remember use seedless grapes!

    Sweetylicious : Ya, I was quite surprise that the grapes actually turned out looking just ike blueberry and even juicier. Unlike blueberry, the fruit stayed put in shape and as well as taste.

    Velva : I don't have any toddler here. But some blogger's toddlers did bake very well even only 3-4 years old. Mine are both teenagers.

    Ana : Thank you very much.

    Simona : Do they have smell? I didn't smell the difference at all. Maybe I'm baking with whole wheat flour.

    Cooking Gallery : Thanks! Hope you'll like it too.

    Jay : Thank you so much.

    Claudia : Ha... So sweet of you to say that. I am truly honoured. OK Not a problem, just wait me at the other side of your printer! ha...

    Divya : Thank you!

    Mary : Thank you. You have a great day too.

    Ann : Ha... then looking forward for more from you.

    SShaziela : HI there, welcome to my humble little space. Glad you like it too. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Jen : :o) Thanks!

    Penny : It's quite excited to try something new!

    Bee : It's the combination between whole wheat & buckwheat and it taste more to healthy wheaty flavour. Plus the juicy grapes, taste like having a some kind of sauce in between.

    Blue wale : Not a problem! Just wait me at the other side of your printer. lol! ha...

    Barbara : Thank you! It's a good trial.

    Barbara Bakes : These are seedless black grapes. It more pricey than other grapes.

    Lena : Yes, it is!

    Martha : Ha... you bet!

    Amy : Hope you will like it too!

    Rebecca : I'm not sure if they're califonia grapes or not! No label on the packaging.

    Emily : Thank you so much.

    Beidgett : Thank you. Well then, you should start using them. They are juicier and tastier after baking. Better than any berries.

    Thank you everyone for stopping by and spending your valueable time here with me today. I am really appreciate it. Hope you're all going to have a great weekend.
    Enjoy & have fun!

    Blessings, Kristy

  25. I have been wanting to try using buckwheat flour. How does it behave? Pretty much like wheat flour? These look like they turned out great. Are the tiny black grapes very sweet? I never think about baking with fruit. :D

  26. Wow, you used whole wheat flour, very nutritious recipe, thanks for sharing!^-^

  27. I love using buckwheat flour. I never used black grapes, an option to consider.

  28. Lyndz : My site here also running very slow lately. I only used a quarter cup buckwheat flour in this recipe. Can't taste much! Buckwheat has no gluten, so flour balancing is very important. Otherwise, it won't rise at all. The grapes is not sour but very juicy sweet.

    Alice : I love baking with whole wheat flour too!

    Victor : Those seedless black grapes are really tasty and juicy too.

    Thanks all for visiting. Hope you all will have a fabulous weekend.

    Ceers, Kristy

  29. They sure did turn out GREAT! Kristy! A unique and inspiring recipe indeed! Now, if I could only have one with my tea...

    Thanks for sharing...

  30. Kristy, I can always look forward to your creations .... healthy this one!

  31. Yummylicious buckwheat muffins!

  32. These surely are delicious and healthy muffins! I'm sure my kids would love these for breakfast. Thanks for sharing.


  33. Yet to try buckwheat. Your muffins have come up beautifully.

  34. dear kristy,
    it is hard to get buckwheat flour around here..what can i substitute it??

  35. Cheah : Thank you. YOu're always so nice to me.

    Pete : Thanks!

    Amy : You're welcome. Hope you will like it.

    Shirley : Yes, I like the popping top too!

    Janetan : You can just omit buckwheat flour and use only ATTA flour. Or you may try something new like semolina or sugi flour! :o)

    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I am truly appreciate it. Hope to see you all more often.

    Have a fabulous day.

    Blessings, Kristy

  36. hi kristy,
    thanks for ur suggestion..


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