Armenian Nutmeg & Hazelnut Cake

Without wasting any time, I have too tried the Armenian cake which is another beautiful dessert other than the Nazook pastry. The Armenian cake often called for freshly grated nutmeg and brown sugar. And the cake is normally surrounded by a layer of sweet crust which produced such extraordinary crunchiness that I like about. So, here another piece of work I did.

Ingredients :
250ml   milk
1 tspn  baking soda
1 egg
1-1/2 tspn  nutmeg powder

200gm  all purpose flour
50gm  hazelnut meal
280gm  brown sugar
2 tspn  baking powder

150gm  cold butter, diced

30gm   hazelnut meal
1.2 cup  candied shredded nutmeg

Method :
(1) firstly, combine milk & baking soda and set aside.
(2) now, combine ingredients (B) into a big bowl and mix well and then rub in butter till everything well combined.
(3) press 1/2 portion of (B) mixture to a 8" spring foam pan and set aside.
(4) then combine the remaining 1/2 portion of (B) mixture together with ingredients (A) and beat well.
(5) pour the batter to the biscuit base pan and top with ingredients (D).
(6) finally, bake at preheated oven 175'C for about 60-70 mins or till the tester came out clean.
(7) cool the cake before demolding it.

Not to mention about the crust! The cake is so aromatic and moist. I even added in extra candied shredded nutmeg where I can easily get them from our local supermarket. It's simply irresistible. This cake is not overly sweet as well ~ just nice. I bet you wanna a bite tooooo, guys. :o)


  1. Delicious cake.....very festive!:)

  2. The sort of cake we would love, thanks for this one. Diane

  3. Hi Kristy, How are you doing? I'm here for supper, can I have a slice of your delicious cake? LOL

    Your cake look good, very moist.
    Have a nice week ahead, regards. Take care.

  4. Oh wow....Kristy, you are going international....wonderful! I would love to have a slice of this lovely cake any time. I'm sure it will be very filling to eat a slice. It looks dense. In this cold weather, I get hungry very quickly. I wish you are just staying next door to me. I suppose you'll be hungry all the time too and eat up everything and none left for me....haha. Trust you are doing well and enjoying each day!

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  6. It sounds so good..especially that filling!

  7. Delicious cake... Perfectly baked.. Love all ur recipes ... Hapi to follow u .. Glad if u do the same

  8. That slice is SO tempting! What a beautiful cake!!!

  9. Love the crunchy layer! I can smell the nutmeg from here.

  10. As Mary said, you're going international.....great cake. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. You already go internatinal bake, but I want to try local bakes first since I still have so many local kuih and cookies to try, hehehe .,The crust look so good.,

  12. is local nutmeg shreds tou kow? somehow i also feel it is like a festive cake to me :)

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