Peanut Butter Fudge Tang Yuan In Lemongrass Soup

I made this tang yuan during Chinese New Year but after came back from the trip. I really enjoy spending every moment in my own kitchen. During the whole trip, I have to cook at my parents in law kitchen & also my parents' kitchen. Honestly, they have such huge kitchen spacing but it wasn't as comfortable as my own little kitchen. haha...... Perhaps, all housewives felt the same way too ! Anyway, here's my little gigantic peanut butter fudge tang yuan.

Ingredients for tang yuan dough :
250gm  glutinous rice flour
3/4 cup  warm water

*Fillings :  peanut butter fudge, cut small as desired sizes
(it't best to used cold fudge, easier for cutting)

Ingredients for lemongrass soup :
1.5L (7 cups) water
2 stick  sugar cane sugar
3 stalk  lemongrass, roughly smashed
(combine everything into a pot and heat till sugar dissolved, set aside)

Method :
(1) to make tang yuan dough, slowly stir in warm water to glutinous rice flour till form a soft dough. Do not add in the water at once.
(2) continue kneading the dough till smooth and the side bowl is clean.
(3) next, divide dough into more or less 25 portions, press each dough center to make a hole then fill in peanut butter fudge. Wrap & sealed nicely till everything completed.
(4) bring a pot of clean water to boil, throw in all the dough and let to boil till all floating then transfer to a pot of tap water for cooling for about 5-10 mins and drained.
(5) finally, bring the lemongrass soup to boil and add in cooked tang yuan. Let them cook for another 15 mins over medium heat and it's ready to serve.

Hey, those are NOT fishball but my cooked glutinous rice ball or tang yuan.But looks more like ping pong balls. haha...... I am very much crave for the lemongrass sweet soup. I normally add in fresh ginger to boil the soup but have omitted it this round. And am glad it works well. The soup turned out so aromatic. And not to mention about the fillings. It was good...really really good.


  1. OMG.. mouth watering here.. Awesome clicks dear :)

  2. Lovely, Kristy, simply lovely:)

    Thank you for sharing...

  3. I have never seen a sweet soup before. This is very intriging

  4. What a fantastic combination! I made these with brown sugar for the first time this year and was absolutely delighted by them - the idea of adding peanut butter fudge - takes me over the edge!

  5. I believe you when you said those are good! So chewy and full of filling and the soup sounds very fragrant with the lemon grass.

  6. Ya this look mouth watering , I also like your lemongrass sweet soup

  7. I am very sure these are delicious! Peanut butter has never let me down.

  8. wow, another surprise! peanut butter tong yuen! i do like your lemongrass tong sui!


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