Pandan Coconut Mable Danish Loaf

Honestly, as an Asian, I am desperately in love anything with coconut pandan (screwpine leaf) flavour especially on baking products. The aroma is simply irresistible and non of my family members can resist such flavour as well. Since yesterday was my day off, I suddenly won't missed a chance to bake myself a nice loaf of bread.......with the irresistible pandan coconut fillings. Gosh, my kitchen smell so good the whole day. Can you imagine the taste of the bread huh.....! >o<

So, here's what I did.
Ingredients for Dough :
300gm  bread flour
200gm  all purpose flour
2 tspn  yeast
4 TB  sugar
100ml   milk
90ml   water
2 eggs
1/2 tspn  salt
40gm  butter, chopped

*250gm  butter, room temperature (cut into 10 pcs)
  1 TB all purpose flour

Method :
(1) combine all dry ingredients into a big mixing bowl then add in milk & egg and gently stir to form a stick dough.
(2) add in butter and knead till smooth then set a side to rest for an hour or till double in size.
(3) punch dough to release air and again knead dough till smooth.
(4) place dough to a greased plastic bag and keep refrigerated for an hour. (I kept mine in the freezer for 30 mins)
(5) once ready, place dough to a slightly floured working table and roll it flat for about 12x24" size.
(6) arrange butter onto dough (as shown as the above picture), fold dough over and nicely sealed.
(7) refer here for folding method.
(8) again, keep the ready dough refrigerated or frozen once it's done. And use it at anytime you want.

Ingredients for coconut fillings :
70gm butter, softened
120gm  icing sugar
110gm  grated coconut 
50gm  milk powder
1 egg

1 tspn  pandan coconut paste (store bought)

Method :
(1) combine coconut, milk powder & sugar into a big bowl then mix well.

(2) stir in butter & egg and beat till well combined.
(3) keep refrigerated for 30 mins or till mixture set.

(1) now, roll dough flat into 11x24" and spread on the coconut mixture to both side of dough, by leaving the center some empty spacing.
(2) roll dough like swiss roll from shorter side from both end to meet at the center, now divide dough by cutting the center to provide two rolls.
(3) by cutting each roll about three quarter length(as picture shown the above), twist the dough & place it to pan then leave to rest for about an hour or till double in size.
(3) now, brush on egg glazing and bake at preheated oven 190'C for about 18-20 mins or till nicely brown.

I actually double up the recipe and made a couple of loaves. I brought some out to have tea with some friends later in the evening. Good response from everyone. The combination between the buttery & pandan coconut smell absolutely stunning. They had at least two slices per person and brought the leftover home with them as well. haha..... However, hope you guys will love this too. Enjoy & have fun !

I'm sending this to Yeastspotting @ Wild Yeast Blog.


  1. Beautiful marbled danish bread, Kristy.

  2. What an unusual bread. The color is amazing and it sounds delicious. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. What yummy and light bread , know it's delicious , thanks for sharing :).

  4. It just looks so ridiculously soft and sweet...and amazing!!

  5. The loaf is so beautiful with the swirls! Love the inclusion of coconut inside.

  6. I can imagine how lovely your kitchen smelt:D looks delicious too!

  7. 很吸引人呢

  8. that's a nice marble effect from how you cut and twisted the roll! nice! have a good weekend !

  9. Seems like I could see several smileys from the marble pattern, aside from the pillowy soft texture.

  10. Oh wow.......that's beautiful! Love the colour mix. I'm sure it tastes awesome. I think I can even eat the whole loaf without a need for butter and jam. But I would go for butter and kaya and eat 2 loaves....haha. Trust you are well and enjoying each day.


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