Valentine's Day + Chap Goh Mei = LOVE

Wow..... what a coincidence! This year the western Valentine's Day is fall on the same day as 'chap goh mei', the Chinese Valentine's Day or the end of Chinese New Year celebration, the 15th day ! It only happened many many years in a lifetime and it happened to be on the year 2014. Or maybe some feels heavy when it comes to decision making whether to celebrate this special day with the other half or with their families, especially for the unmarried couples who are living far apart. Hopefully, this day won't brings trouble to you too !!!! hahaha..... While I personally think still families come first. For married couples, we often celebrate it at our in-laws' place and for the unmarried ones, where they will have to celebrate it with their own families. Its not only the tradition, its also the respect to our elderly.

I am unable to make anything special this 'chap goh mei' but still trying to make some tang yuan for my kids on the following day cause its my boy special place in order some time ago, filled up glutinous rice ball. Last year, I made him peanut butter fudge tang yuan with lemongrass sweet soup and this year I'm trying the green tea with red bean paste tang yuan with ginger sweet soup. I like it really spicy so added in quite a lot of ginger....luckily it works out pretty well with green tea. I also added in some homemade rose flavour tapioca jellies. 

Ingredients for green tea tang yuan :
300gm  glutinous flour
1 TB   gren tea powder
100ml   boiling water
200ml   warm water

*150-200gm   red bean paste (divide into 5gm each)

Method :
Mix together glutinous flour & green tea then stir in boiling water, following by stirring in warm water till form soft & smooth dough. Knead well then divide into 10-12gm each. Cover with damp tower. Then wrap red bean paste with green tea dough and form into balls.

Ingredients for ginger sweet soup :
7 cups  water
2 stick sugar cane sugar
2-3 knob  ginger, roughly smashed

Method :  Refer here for full recipe.

It always an excitement whenever you're trying something new at home. You know what I mean !!! I really fond of green tea and this came up just wonderful. Very delightful with the hint of ginger soup and the surprise rosy flavour tapioca jellies turned out just lovely. My boy not such a big fan of green tea but he didn't make a single complaint on this. So, I think this is a winner to ME. hehe.....



  1. They look so delicious, Kristy. Love the jade green colour.

  2. Hi Kristy , just gorgeous with the jade color , something that pretty has to be yummy , thanks for sharing :)

  3. would love to try :-) hope your new year celebrations were wonderful

  4. beautiful green colour, didnt knnow that there was a chinese valentines day.

  5. Love these beautiful green tang yuans.

  6. Happy Belated Valentine's Day and Chap Goh Mei, Kristy!!!

    Hope that you had a lovely celebration with your sweet and pretty tang yuen. I'm in love with your creation too :D



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