Kuih Bingka Embon Indonesia

Its the 9th day of the Chinese New Year, its the big day for the hokkien and too called as 'bai tian gong' day meaning prayer made specially to the Jade Emperor in heaven on this day. Further stories can be found here. 'bai tian gong' is normally held on the 8th day midnight, just like Chinese New Year celebration. I am cantonese & hubby is hakka, so we didn't celebrate it. We didn't joined any of our friends caused too tired to stay awake late at night....probably the sign of getting old huh! haha..... Hubby & I actually just came back from our camping trip 2 days ago. And I am now busy tidying and so much more to do at home. I'm also busy making us some homecook meal as well and managed to bake a cake yesterday. Its an Indon bingka embon, which also called as bika embon. This lovely Indonesia kuih or cake looks just like our old fashion steamed Ma Lai Go & here..But the used of coconut milk & tapioca flour makes it so much tastier and fragrant.

And here's what I did.
Ingredients :
For starter dough
110ml water
1 tspn  sugar
80gm  all purpose flour
1 TB + 1/2 tspn   yeast
(mix well and leave to rest for an hour or till double in size)

For main dough
3 pandan leaves
1 stalk  lemongrass, cut & roughly pounded the edge
350ml  coconut milk
30gm  butter
250gm  sugar
120gm  tapioca flour
6 eggs
a pinch of salt

Method :
(1) heat coconut milk & salt together with pandan leaves & lemongrass till fragrant without boiling it, then add in butter and remove the leaves & lemongrass, leave to cool.
(2) once the starter dough is ready, beat in sugar till well combined.
(3) then beat in eggs till light and follow by tapioca flour & alternately with coconut milk mixture, beat slow till well mixed.
(4) now, pour batter to a greased 9" tray and set aside to ferment for 2-1/2 hours.
(5) once its ready, bake at preheated oven 180'C for 15 mins (cover the top with aluminium foil loosely) then lower to 150-160'C for another 50-60 mins or till brown (without the aluminium foil).
(6) leave to cool before slicing.

Oh man, I really addicted especially the top golden burnt crust. Its super tasty good !

This cake is actually not thick enough to transform into a better looking honeycomb. As this is the result from the used of 9" baking tray. I think 7" tray should works better. Somehow, sago flour is used on some bika embon recipe as well and many may requested only egg yolks. Guess, that's make such a different causing a magnificent texture to be formed. Hopefully, will be able to try the other recipe soon. Enjoy guys & have fun !


  1. this recipe is definitely a keeper.. i love the use of coconut milk and tapioca flour! this must be yummy

  2. I have never had this cake..looks fabulous!

  3. I've never tried this cake either - interesting use of lemongrass in the cake! Looks very fragrant!

  4. interesting recipe :) , especially the fact you have used lemon grass

  5. on so yummy and I know it's delicious , have to try this cake , it may not be as pretty , ;-D but as my houseit will not last , thanks for sharing :)

  6. Looks moist. Never eaten this type of cake before but have seen this in some blogs.

  7. This is very yummy indeed and will never get tired eating this regularly.

  8. Kristy , looks like a delicious cake ! The use of lemongrass in this cake sounds really interesting :) Love the coconut milk and tapioca flour in this cake !

    It's still Chinese New Year , right ?! :D

    May the Year of the Horse bring you and your family good health , happiness and good fortune ! Kung Hei Fat Choi !!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day , as well lol


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