Almond Jelly Cake With Mixed Fruit

We used to say 'Life is too short' and I remember I just mentioned it not long ago. A human approximately will have about 28,000 days to live, if we managed to survive till 80 years old. And my father in law just did it ! He suddenly passed away peacefully on the 13th of May, by the age of 85. The whole family going to miss him dearly. I'm so glad he managed to celebrate the very last Mother's Day with my mother in law. And this is the last cake I served him just two days before he left us. As time is concerned, I didn't baked any cake for the previous Mother's Day but made a jelly cake instead. And it was an unforgettable one ! LOL...

It was hard when it comes to decision making I want something simple and yet funky. So, almond jelly cake is the final. This is not the common almond nuts I'm trying to mention here but the Chinese almond which also called as apricot kernel. Honestly, I used to hate it so much when I was a kid other than bittergourd, due to the unpleasant smell and taste of it. Ehhh.... However, I didn't understand why I became so fond of it for the past few years. haha.... Yeap, it was a very difficult choice indeed.

Ingredients : (for 8" bundt cake mould)
1600ml   water
200ml  milk
1 pkt x 25gm  agar-agar powder
200gm   almond powder
300gm   sugar

Ingredients for mixed fruits :
*1 canned sweetened sea coconut
*1 canned lychee
*1 canned longan
*1 canned pineapple, diced
*2 large mangoes, diced
*some red cherries
(combined all canned fruits together then keep refrigerated)

Method :
(1) combined water, milk, agar-agar powder, sugar and almond powder into a big pot and bring it to boil.
(2) let the mixture simmer over medium heat till thickened.
(3) then off the heat and pour agar-agar mixture to a 8" bundt cake tray or silicon mould.
(4) leave to cool then keep refrigerated, finally decorate the jelly cake with chilled mixed fruits.

Though this almond jelly cake is not very well received, yet we managed to finish up half of it that evening. However, we had great fun watching everyone's reaction when they took their first bite on it. haha... My father in law had a BIG laugh as well. Just how could I forget the smile on his face !


  1. That looks so nice! It really seems like a refreshing and delicious dessert. Blessings, Catherine

  2. very sorry to hear about your father in law.

  3. Hi, Kristy. Sorry to hear that your FIL passed away. This jelly cake sounds very tasty. I used to feel almond has a weird taste when I was small but I like it so much now.

    Regarding the pickled pumpkin, the taste is like mango, if you like pickled mango, this is something you gotta try.

    Cheers and hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  4. It's good to be back after a long absence, Kristy! I was just thinking of making almond jelly the other day, but you got me to it first. Such a pretty presentation!

  5. A very refreshing and beautiful dessert, Kristy.

  6. Your creativity is boundless. This is perfection.

  7. very very nice and inviting
    a big hug to you Kristy

  8. Kristy, your jelly looks so pretty and colorful!

  9. Hi Kristy,
    I love almond taste. What more to say almond jelly.
    Your jelly looks beautiful!!


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