Slow Cooker Coconut Sweet Wheat Porridge

Its been ages since I last eaten this coconut sweetened wheat porridge. I can't remember if my mom has ever boiled this kind of porridge when I was younger. The only thing I remember is I normally get them store bought. hehe..... Maybe because most of my family members not really fond of it, so mom never boil this at home. Don't know what comes in mind and am craving for this wheat porridge so much lately ! So, decided to boil this at home with my slow cooker. I really love boiling sweet soup with my slow cooker especially for overnight cooking.. It is so much easier. You can go to bed just by leaving the slow cooker on to do the job and you'll be able to enjoy it once you wake up. My favourite is boiling the black glutinous rice sweet porridge.

(serve 3-4)
Ingredients :
200gm whole wheat pearl, rinsed
150gm  rock sugar or to desired taste
2 Litre   water
1/2 cup  thick coconut milk (1 cup for creamier porridge)

Method :  Place together wheat & water & sugar into slow cooker and let it boil overnight over low heat (just before going to bed). Once its ready, off the heat then add in coconut milk and mix well. Its best to serve warm.

Its perfect to have this ready in the morning then I just simply prepare a main dish such like fried yi mein to go along with it as the day brunch. Something light & simple. Yummm....  Enjoy !
I'm sending this Foodie Friday.


  1. Love anything with coconut, Kristy. This is an interesting and delicious sweetened dish.

  2. is it a breakfast food looks good

  3. Looks delicious! and healthy too

  4. for me this looks so unusual but I am loving the flavours and the idea... I must give this a go... thanks for sharing x

  5. I miss this dessert so much!

  6. Such a great thing for breakfast.. :) coconut.. yummy!

  7. Hi hi Kristy! That wheat barley porridge looks healthy and yum! Hope all is well on your side! Sorry been crazy busy lately and not been active on blogging. Will try to post though. Thanks for dropping by! Wanna wish you a Very Happy Mother's Day today! Enjoy and catch up with you again! ;)

  8. It really looks delicious and is new to me. Coconut is perfect with anything!


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