Raw Jackfruit In Spicy Coconut Gravy @ Nangka Muda Masak Lemak

Hubby requested this special dish on his birthday last week This is one of his favourite childhood dish he loves very much. Normally, his eldest sister will prepare it whenever there's gathering function at home. So no matter by hook or by cook, I've to come up with this dish. hehe...... This dish is unlike the thick masak lemak ayam cili padi (chicken in thick coconut gravy). This jackfruit version is more liquidity and not as thick but light and aromatic.And that is why I am loving it too !

Not many local people like to prepare this dish due to this messy fruit. The fruit will drips out glue like brownish liquid (something like latex) when cutting it..... which is sticky & very very messy. So, you need to coat your hands & knife with cooking oil before the operation begins.  haha..... I did a great job. Didn't I ? >o< whink * Then soak them into water after cutting it and its all prepare for cooking.

Ingredients :
a quarter of raw jackfruit, cleaned & cut into bite size
3  stalk lemongrass, take only the bottom & roughly smashed
1 cup  thick coconut milk
4 cups  water
1 large  turmeric leaf, thinly sliced
salt to taste
some chicken meat (as desired)
some oyster mushroom

Blended ingredients :
1 large  onion
12  shallots
5 cloves  garlic
1/2"  ginger, sliced
1"  fresh turmeric, skinned & sliced
10  green bird eye chilies
5 red bird eye chilies
(bring everything into blender with some water & grind to paste)

Method :
(1) bring a pot of water to boil then put in all the clean jackfruit and let to simmer over medium heat for about 15 minutes then drained.
(2) preheat a wok or non-stick pan with some 1/2 cup cooking oil, saute the blended paste & smashed lemongrass till fragrant.
(3) add in water & coconut milk then bring it to boil and continue boiling it for 10 minutes.
(4) add in chicken meat & half cooked jackfruit, let to boil for another 10 minutes then switch to medium heat. Continue cooking till jackfruit turned soft and the gravy became thick.
(5) finally, stir in mushroom, turmeric leaf & salt and cook for 2 minutes then off the heat and serve.

Oh my.... don' you love the colour !!! And it smells fantastic too.

So, what else are we waiting for ! Lets wallop. Hubby thumbs up for sure. >o< What a happy cook I am !


  1. Kristy , I love jackfruit , either ripe or raw and I just love it in savory dishes especially together with coconut milk . Here in HK though , raw jackfruit is a bit expensive so I usually buy this Thai brand , which is quiet good :D Yeah , I tried peeling the skin before and it was messy to say the least . Love the look of your dish , my mouth is watering just thinking about it lol

  2. Woow Kristy..this is jack fruit season in my part..delicious recipe..loving it..def try!

  3. I love the taste and smell of ripe jackfruit but never tried raw.

  4. My dear Kristy! Your hubbie must be proud of you, you did a great job with that messy fruit, which I have no idea what it is, and sure never will find it in my country.But having coconut in it I would love it. Big hugs my friend

  5. I'm sure you made hubby happy! There's no jackfruit here and I'd love to have a taste of this. Way to go, Kristy!

  6. I have never dealt with a jackfruit..you did a super job, Kristy. This looks very tempting!


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