Jaggery Sago Agar-agar Mooncake 黄糖西米菜燕月饼

This is my 3rd batch of agar-agar mooncake for the coming festive season. I've chosen to flavour it with jaggery sugar and pairing it with sago filling. Earlier, I thought this is such a wonderful idea to recreate something fun and exciting for my guests and never thought it will became reality, one after one creation. And I am feeling great and thankful for the compliments given. Hopefully, I'll be able to recreate more exciting jelly mooncake on the coming days. So, stay tune guys !

Ingredients for sago layer :
100gm   white sago, rinsed
2 TB   water
80gm    sugar
1 tspn   rose water
pandan leaves, washed

Method :
(1)  wash and soak sago for 30 minutes, then drained.
(2)  combine water, sugar and pandan leaves into a sauce pan then cook till dissolved over low heat. Discharged leaves.
(3)  mix together syrup & sago till well cooperated then spoon to 8 individual cups.
(4)  finally, steamed for 20 minutes then off the heat and let to cool completely.

Ingredients for milk layer :
200ml   water
50ml     evaporated milk/creamer
2 TB     sugar
2 tspn   agar-agar powder
pandan leaves

Method :
(1)  combine everything then bring it to boil till sugar dissolved.
(2)  discharged pandan leaves and spoon milk mixture over to sago kuih.
(3)  leave to cool completely then keep chilled to set.
(4)  when ready, remove sago agar-agar from mould.

Ingredients for jaggery sugar outer layer :
300ml    water
2 TB      evaporated milk/creamer/coconut milk
80gm     jaggery sugar
2 tspn    agar-agar powder
pandan leaves

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients and bring it to boil till sugar dissolved.
(2) discharge pandan leaves and spoon a tablespoon of mixture to mooncake mould and let to set, it will takes a few seconds.
(3) later spoon another 2 tablespoon mixture to the mooncake mould then place in the sago filling, and top the rest of the agar-agar mixture to the mould.
(4) leave to cool and set before removing it from the mould.

Jelly mooncake was created evensince the economic crisis started years ago. And due to lower costing, jelly mooncake is now highly recommended during the festive season as a gift which is cheaper and healthier for all range of consumers.  So, for the coming years jelly mooncake should be widely sold during the mid-autumn festival. Hope you guys will love it too ! Enjoy & have fun.


  1. As always, your mooncake creations are beautiful!

  2. yeah have to agree with Angie. the moon cakes look beautiful

  3. You are so talented! Your jelly moon cakes are beautiful!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes


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