Kristygourmet Mooncake Collection 自家的月餅食谱

The mooncakes that are shown on today post are all made out of joy, fun and love over the years. Can't believe it my own eyes when I started gather everything here the other day. I am glad I did so ! It brings back so many fabulous memories. Hopefully, I'll be able to recreate more recipes on the coming days.  Hope you guys will love them too ! Happy baking <3

Mao Shan Wang Snow Skin Mooncake @猫山王冰皮月饼

Chocolate Mixed Nuts Mooncake (Baked)

Bamboo Charcoal & Cinnamon Mooncakes @ 黑竹炭&桂香月饼

Coffee Egg York Jelly Mooncake @ 咖啡菜月饼

Coconut & Fruits Jelly Mooncake @ 龙珠果菜月饼


  1. Well done all the different types of mooncake you have made :) with passion, everything is possible :)

  2. Kristy....that was ALOT of yummy Homemade Mooncakes, too many varieties to choose from. They all looked so fabulous...

    I am eyeing on your snowskin durian mooncake, and hopefully I can make them soon. Thanka for sharing these lovely recipes 😉

    Charmaine (Mimi Bakery House)

  3. oh I miss the moon cake festival , always look forward for the Halal mooncake cart which appears in the mall in Kota bahru. send me some Kristy ;)

  4. Wow wow Kristy! That is seriously a lot of mooncakes~! Great job on consolidating them for your readers! Now the tough part is for us readers to decide which yummy mooncake to choose!! Happy mid autumn festival in advance dear!


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