Chocolate Filled Lemony Brioche

Today, I'm introducing you to my favourite Lady Brioche. Here's Miss Chocolate Filled Brioche! She' s a beauty and smell like buttery lemon CHANEL No. xoxo. She loves to wear snowy white flowy coat (probably ZANG TOI she's wearing). She's such a HOTTIE & heart melting babe. I wonder what brand of lipstick she's wearing! She's probably wearing JIMMY CHOO's high heels too. I love the way she is. I wonder does she looks seducing to you too! ^_^

And here is where she came from.....

Ingredients :
1 cup full cream milk
1/4 cup sugar
4 eggs
3-3/4 cups bread flour
1 tbsp instant yeast
1-1/2 tpsn salt
200gm butter, softened
2 tbsp lemon rind

*some icing sugar for topping
* for fillings : 1 cup chopped cadbury milky bar & 1/2 cup chocolate chips

Method :

(1) combine all ingredients together to form a sticky dough.
(2) cover and keep refrigerated overnight.
(3) place dough to a floured working table and divide into 2 portion.
(4) roll out flat into rectangle shape.

(5) sprinkle chopped chocolate & chocolate chips onto flattened dough.
(6) then fold dough into three and cut into size as desired.
(7) let to rest for an hour and then brush with egg glaze.
(8) finally, bake at 175-180'c for about 20 mins.
(9) sprinkle a dash of icing sugar just before serving.

Here's my sweetie babe after the makeover!

Her favourite hobby is to dive in and swim around my mouth......
So, what else are you expecting????? =D
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