Osmanthus Tea Soda Mocktail

'A' Famosa', The most beautiful historical landmark of Malaysia, State of Melaka.

Everyone knows Malaysia is a multiracial country and when comes to food you'll be amazed by how's everything turned out to be like. We celebrate almost all kind of festivals here. At this moment the Muslims are celebrating their 'Raya'. And the Chinese will be celebrating the Mooncake Festival in another 2 weeks time. Whatever the celebration, we love tea on our dining table! It simply refreshing and it can also helps in our digestion system after a heavy meal. More over, it's inexpensive! So, why not tea mocktail to be served in a party!

And here's what I did.

Ingredients :
2 Lipton tea bags
1 tspn dried osmanthus
1 mug boiling water (about 200ml)
1 cups cream soda soft drinks
some ice cube & sliced lemon

Method :
- add Lipton tea bags & dried osmanthus into boiling water and leave aside to cool.
- filled two empty glasses with ice cubes and pour in soda drinks up to 80% full.
- then gently pour in 5 tbsp cooled osmanthus tea, do not stir the mixture.
- decorate the glasses with sliced lemon and serve chilled.

As a result, you'll notice two different layers!

It's a quickie cocktail drinks! As usual, you'll be busy preparing the party food the whole day and always have very limited time when comes to drinks! And this would come in handy to serve the crowd in no time. Hope you will enjoy the drinks & have fun!

I'm sending this to Denise @ Quickies on the dinner table for the Quickie : Morning, Noon & Night Cooking Challenge .

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