Pink Lady Soda & Bloody Coke Mocktail

I'm so envy whenever people started talking about Bloody Mary recipes over their site. Always sound so sexy! Too bad, I'm not the kind of person that can go along well with alcohol. I can just drop dead even after a few sips! Very dangerous, right? So coincidence that there's one time I came across a review about this drink, dragon fruit coca-cola! And I'm in love with it immediately.

And here's what I did.

Ingredients for Bloody Coke Mocktail :

100gm red dragon fruit, cubed
200ml coca-cola soft drink
some ice cubes

Method :
Blend together red dragon fruits and coca-cola untill well mix, fill in a glass with some ice cubes then pour in the mixture.And serve chilled.

After that I even trying it with cream soda. Gosh, this is even marvellous! So, I've given it a name called Pink Lady Soda Cocktail! And from that day onwards Bloody Coke & Pink Lady became sisters. ^_^ I'm sure you will falling in love with both sisters too! Enjoy & have fun.

Ingredients for Pink Lady Soda Mocktail :

100gm red dragon fruit, cubed
200ml cream soda soft drinks
some ice cubes

- blend together dragon fruit and cream soda untill well mixed.
- fill in the glass with some ice cubes, then pour in the mixture.
- and serve chilled.
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