Pink Lady Soda & Bloody Coke Mocktail

I'm so envy whenever people started talking about Bloody Mary recipes over their site. Always sound so sexy! Too bad, I'm not the kind of person that can go along well with alcohol. I can just drop dead even after a few sips! Very dangerous, right? So coincidence that there's one time I came across a review about this drink, dragon fruit coca-cola! And I'm in love with it immediately.

And here's what I did.

Ingredients for Bloody Coke Mocktail :

100gm red dragon fruit, cubed
200ml coca-cola soft drink
some ice cubes

Method :
Blend together red dragon fruits and coca-cola untill well mix, fill in a glass with some ice cubes then pour in the mixture.And serve chilled.

After that I even trying it with cream soda. Gosh, this is even marvellous! So, I've given it a name called Pink Lady Soda Cocktail! And from that day onwards Bloody Coke & Pink Lady became sisters. ^_^ I'm sure you will falling in love with both sisters too! Enjoy & have fun.

Ingredients for Pink Lady Soda Mocktail :

100gm red dragon fruit, cubed
200ml cream soda soft drinks
some ice cubes

- blend together dragon fruit and cream soda untill well mixed.
- fill in the glass with some ice cubes, then pour in the mixture.
- and serve chilled.


  1. Those drinks sounds very delicious! I wouldn't mind having anything one of them anytime of day! Such pretty colors too!

  2. Looks divine!!!

    PS. Don't forget about my Best Tastes of Autumn Challenge! Starts tomorrow :-)

  3. They do look sexy Kristy! Very beautiful sister drinks. Dragon fruit is so expensive around here. I did get some dragon fruit soda before though.

    Happy Mooncake Festival!

  4. Wow! Kristy - such creativity and energy :D I like your gumption LOL

    The Pink Lady is a beauty!!

    Thank you again for your interest and participation in our challenge :)

  5. ooooooooooooh , now thats the kind of cockttail i can drink;) hehe, or are they called mocktails? . Looks delish now I have to go hunt for a red dragon fruit

  6. I don't know how easy it would be to find dragon fruit but it sure looks good!

    I entered my Lady Ren's Pink Lemonade to this contest-

  7. wow..this makes me thirsty now.. !!

  8. Kristy, I really need to thank you for both recipes! I don't drink alcohol either and that is a great idea for when you're having guests over (and there is no alcohol in sight) serving this fancy and delicious drink will be just perfect!

    Have a great day!

  9. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
    WOW! Real Pinky ;)) must try to make this sometime.

  10. Very sexy indeed. This is perfect without the alcohol too. What a fun idea!

  11. ce cocktail m'a l'air bien délicieux et riche en saveurs avec une jolie couleur, j'aime beaucoup
    je te remercie pour l'invitation mais par manque de temps peut être que ça sera pour une autre fois
    bisou et bonne journée

  12. What a thirst quenching recipe, I love it! Btw, I'm here to wish you Happy Mid Auntumn, have a nice day ahead! ^-^

  13. Amazing colour but I might add a little gin to that lol

  14. Kristy, nice color and you sound like cannot b missed so I am going to try :).

  15. Jeannie : Thanks! Chinese favourite colour RED! haha....

    Emily : Thank you! Will hop over to check out the challenge after this.

    Belinda : Haha... your kind of sushi!

    Lyndz : Oh Really! so, what do you think about that Pink Lady? I'm sure you don't want to miss out the bloody coke as well huh! haha...

    Denise : Oooo... thank you so much! I'll take it as a compliment. ^_^

    Peanutts : I'm not going to call these as mocktail even if they are! Because I want to pretend that I'm having cocktail like everyone else. HAHAHA...

    smallkucing : yeap, have any idea how's it taste? hehe...

    Ren : Nice to see you around! And thank you for joining in the challenge. I'm sure Denise is thrilled to have you in there as well.

    Claire : I'll make you a jar! haha...

    Priscilla : You're welcome! Isn't great that we can enjoy the same looking cocktail like everyone else! haha...

    Ann : Same to you! Yes, this is definitely Chinese kind of drinking....favourite colour RED! haha...

    Bridgett : RIGHT! Hope you'll enjoy this too.

    Fimere : Merci! And glad you like it too. It's alright! Maybe next time.

    Alice : Oh dear, how are you? Hope your kids are alright now and thank you so much for stopping by. And same to you! Hope you're having a great time as well.

    Thank you everyone for visiting and spending your time with me today. Hope you will like the drinks and enjoy your day. Have fun!

    Blessings, Kristy

  16. Hey, this is so interesting! Never tot a fruit & coke will go together. Waiting to try this out :)

  17. Very Gorgeous Kristy! I've always been intriuged with the dragon fruit.

  18. Lovely! To sip this cocktail in the morning or sun-setting is my dream :)

  19. I don't drink alcohol, so this is perfect for me. Perfect and very pretty.
    *kisses* HH

  20. Looking delish, Kristy! That color! Oh my. You always come up with such great ideas.
    (But I do love a Bloody Mary once in a while!)

  21. That is a really good idea! Will try it when I see dragon fruit. Nice thinking

  22. i dreamed of this cocktail,with a dramatic look !i don't have dragon fruit,i saw in hipermarket ,but so"tired" and the price more expansive ,20-30 u.s dollars /kg...

  23. The colour looks intriguing...almost like berry smoothie.

  24. I would happily drink that! Good luck on the challenge.

  25. That's such an interesting drink...very creative. It's sexy, too :D

  26. What a delicious blend! excellent drink!

  27. This drink is new to me, and in fact it is a very interesting drink, just with simple ingredients, I must try it one day.

  28. Shirley : Hope you will love this! Well, I did!

    Shirley : I'm not sure if dragonfruit is expensive over in India or not! But in Romania it cost about US$20-30 per kg.

    Spoon : Hi there, nice to see you around. Glad you like this too. Enjoy!

    HH : We can't have bloody mary but we're having bloody coke! hahaha.... and of coz, pink lady soda as well. ^_^

    Barbara : I would love to try a sip though, if I came across there's anyone serving me bloody mary! ^_^

    Penny : Thanks! Hope you will enjoy it.

    Alison : OMG, that is soooo expensive! Guess, you have to use your fresh berries for this. ^_^

    Angie : Yeap, it looks like smoothie but it's not! Pretty colour liek bloody mary but it's not too!

    Velva : Thank you very much! I'll try my best.

    MaryMoh : Hahaha.... yes, indeed!

    Natasha : I'm sure your girl would love it too!

    Sonia : Yeap, something interesting for the ladies! hahaha....

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and it's a great pleasure for having you here. Hope you will enjoy the drinks and have a great day ahead.

    Blessings, Kristy

  29. Hi Dear,

    We have the same problem!! I get drunk easily too. Hehe.. Looks good. I will try it soon :)

  30. Kristy - everything you do is sweetness and light. It's so pretty. I may concur with a little gin ...but it does stand on its own.

  31. How about sharing some with me? Sexy names too!

  32. Weng : nice to see you! Hope you're well! Thanks and hope you will like the drinks too.

    Claudia : Of coz! I'm sure that is a bonus. Let me know, how's it was with the gin!

    Cheah : ^_^ No problem! You know what, I thought Mary is going to post out your photos! haha....

    Thanks everyone for spending your time with me. Hope you're all haivng a terrific weekend.


  33. wow wow ....definitely can quench thirst.

    I don't goes well with alcohol too.

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