Chestnut & Dulce De Leche Torte

Frankly, this is the biggest project I've ever done so far and really proud of myself. Thinking of 2 years back, I know nothing about the making of dulce de leche, sponge fingers, cream mousse and has always lack of ingredients in making almost everything. But now, I am confidence enough to make something which is impossible. Probably, the PASSIONATE in baking has such power to keep me motivate. and I'm glad I didn't give up. It took me about 2 days to complete the whole cake and also the photo shoot. Finally...finally.... yay....

Ingredients for sponge disk :
4 eggs, separated
120gm all purpose flour/superfine flour
1 tbsp corn starch
1 tbsp rice flour
* 8 tbsp icing sugar for final dusting

Method :
(1) for sponge making, please refer here.
(2) prepare 3 sheets of greaseproof paper and a 8" round tray.
(3) by using the tray, draw a circle onto each sheet of paper.
(4) pipe on the batter starting from the centre of the circle.
(5) sprinkle ont half of the icing sugar and let to rest for 5 mins before sprinkle on the rest of the remaining sugar.
(6) finally, bake at preheated oven 190'C for about 10 mins and rotate the tray and bake for another 10 mins.
(7) remove all biscuit from papers and leave to cool completely.

(1) by using a 8" spring foam pan lined with aluminium foil.
(2) place in one biscuit at the bottom of the tray.
(3) now, pipe the dulce de leche mousse onto the biscuit from the centre heading out.
(4) repeat untill everything completed.
(5) keep chilled for an hour.

Finally, fill piping bag with chestnut paste and drizzle the paste on top of the biscuit. For the finishing, dust the top with icing sugar and serve. The chestnut paste is best to prepare one or two days before.

I've tried a number of our local branded sweetened condensed milk in making dulce de leche for the past 2 years; and so far this is the best brand I've ever tried. It has such best DDL texture ever compare to others. It's the yellow label TEA POT brand. Errr... this is not a paid post ya!

Ingredients for Duche De Leche Mousse :
250gm cream cheese, softened at room temperature
200gm dulce de leche
1 cup whipping cream
(beat cream cheese and dulce de leche untill smooth, then fold in whipped cream and mix till well combined. Do not over mix!)

So........ do this looks mouthwatering to you????
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  1. Truly delicious cake Kristy. I love chestnut very much. Oh btw, the reason why I put orange zest in my pastry is, because I love citrus very much, So I always try to add citrus zest in anything :)

  2. Yes! Can I have that slice please, tqvm:)

  3. Looks great but I hv yet attempt on making mousse, perhaps one fine day!:)

  4. 这个有特别哦,看起来很专业呢:P

  5. Very lovely Kristy!!

    I am a huge fan of chestnut.. so this cake is definitely my kinda cake! Bravo for your effort ;)

  6. Kristy, how about passing over a slice for tea!

  7. i have yet to try Duche De Leche, Thanks for sharing which best milk to use, next time i know what to do, hehehe.. And this cake look so pro and good!

  8. wow!by looking at the way to make it,you did convince me that it is really a big project!Anyway,the result sure make you proud!Love your cake!

  9. I love duche de leche mousse! The cake looks divine!

  10. Drool worthy cake Kristy!I wish someday tech will be that developed that we can pick that slice from any where in the world...(haha) keeping my finger crossed!

  11. Wow... that is one amazing cake:) Love the different layers and the flavours ... Great work:)

  12. The cake looks amazing!! I don't think I've made something which takes as long as this- even if I tried, I'd be really tempted to eat it up right after I made each part! It looks so good!

  13. This cake is STUNNING - I LOVE it!! The spirals are incredible - oh, this would make me so happy!

  14. Ohhh Goddd!!!
    Loved it!!!


  15. Aha! This is where the chestnut comes in to place. Scrumptious mousse - there would always be room for dessert if this was on the table.

  16. What a gorgeous torte, Kristy! No wonder you posted the chestnut paste. How divine. I can think of a lot of ways to use that too.
    I love the pretty meringue-like layers in your torte. It really is a winner!

  17. This looks and sounds superb, well done. I don't think I have the patience! Diane

  18. Wow tempting and delicious,looks so inviting.

  19. sounds really yummy, ddl and chestnut paste. You're superb! i must also take noteof that teapot brand when making my own DDL..dont know when will that be...

  20. wow,kristy,this is a masterpiece,i think the taste is magic!

  21. Yes, yes, it's totally mouthwatering!!! Your creations are AMAZING! Maybe I should try to bake one day...

  22. Bravo Kristy! You did a great job! Looking forward to more big projects :)

  23. I just want a slice of it please! Awesome job and well done.

  24. this has got to be the most unigue dulce de leche cake I have ever seen, love that you made it with chestnut cream, it must have tasted, well, mouth-watering

  25. Kristy this is amazing...I can just imagine the gorgeous flavors here, and it's just beautiful!

  26. You should be proud of yourself-this is amazing. Wow.


  27. Nice cake with a lovely name indeed! Well done :)

  28. Interesting! Now tell me how to pronounce it properly =P

    (Don't forget to pay me a visit! ^^)

  29. Kak Dewi : Thanks! Noted. :o) But still loving your version.

    Jenanie : Of coz,just help yourself!

    Alice : Honestly, cream mousse is much easier to make and also quick to set.

    Blue Wale : it true?

    maameemoomoo : Hi there, thanks for stopping by. Glad you like this cake too.

    Cheah : No problem... just wait for me at the other side of your printer. lol!

    Sonia : Thank you so much for your very nice comment. Really appreciate it.

    WaiKitt : Thanks alot! Glad you like the cake too and am happy to see you back blogging again.

    Angie : Thank you!

    Sutapa : haha... So, you must make friends with Harry Porter! :o)

    Reva : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space. Thank you very much for your lovely comment. Hope to hear from you more often.

  30. Von : I believe you! ha...

    Belinda : Me too!

    Rita : Thanks alot!

    Claudia : You know that you're always welcome for this.

    Barbara : I bet you will. Looking forward to your wonderful recipes.

    Diane : Ya, better just get one from the nearby shop. ha...

    Divya : Thank you very much, dear.

    Emily : Thanks, sweetie.

    Lena : I believe your ddl desserts will be coming up soon.

    Simona : Thank you very much.

    Andrea : Thanks! I'm sure you're a great baker too.

    Ann : Errr... auntie old already! Have to take time for another big one. haha... Backache!

    Penny : Thank you very much, dear. How wonderful if you stay nearer.

    Drick : Thanks so much. Glad you like it too. It was quite a tiring task. :o)

    Alisha : Thank you so much! :o)

    Velva : Thanks!

    Shirley : Thank you!

    Hayley : You can use the google tranlator! ha... Will try my best to visit soon. I'm in the middle of the mess. Busy busy busy...

    Thank you so much everyone for visiting and spending your time here with me. Truly appreciate it. I'll try my best to visit all as soon as possible. There's something came up..personal thing. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

    Wishing all the very best and have a wonderful day.


  31. I particularly love the curly topping Kristy!It looks like a beautiful dessert!

  32. Wow...looks fantastic! You are definitely very adventurous in the baking arena. Hats off to you!

  33. What a beautiful and delicious sounding dessert!!

  34. Muy lindo biscuit de dulce de leche, recién elaborado una exquisitez,muy original tu postre,hoy justamente voy hacer dulde de leche no lo compro,cariños y abrazos.

  35. Wow-beautiful work! Yes, it looks very very mouthwatering. A very creative recipe!
    thanks, too, for visiting my blog, Nancy

  36. Wow! This is quite a dessert, a very special cake. You can see all the care, and work that it took to make it. Who was the lucky ones who got to enjoy it? Yum!

  37. I just want a slice of it please! Awesome job and well done.


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