Savory Tomato Pastry Puff Tart

I've actually just recovered from my fever, bad flu, sore throat and cough. I know, it was bad! I'm still feeling a little tired and can hardly cook for my family. I'm glad my schedule posts running quite well for this whole week, even without my attendance. Well, I guess it's time to go back to my kitchen to make some yummy food for my kids. Probably, something simple and not stressful. Come on, let's follow me to the kitchen!

Ingredients for Pastry Puff Dough :
250gm all purpose flour
15gm shortening
130ml cold water
1 tbsp vinegar
* 200gm butter
20gm all purpose flour
(I used 200gm pastry margarine)

Method : Please refer here & Folding method refer here.

I've always stock up my homemade puff pastry in the freezer. Then I can pull it out and use it at anytime I want. I saw the readymade pastry available at the supermarket the other day. It cost about RM5.00 per packet (Kawan brand) which is only half of my size. Pastry puff making isn't that hard! Maybe you should try making your own too.

In my today's recipe, I only used half pastry dough and roll it out into 14x10" flat sheet. Next, fold in all four sides and pressed with a fork. So that the wet mixture will not spill out.

Ingredients for fillings :
2 small eggs
1/4 cup milk
salt & pepper to taste
1/2 cup cheese
4 tomatoes, sliced
some fresh rosemary
a dash of crashed black peppercorn

Next, spread on the egg mixture (combination of eggs, milk, salt & pepper) and cheese then follow by chopped sausage. Decorate the top with sliced tomatoes and some fresh rosemary. And for the final touch, not to forget to sprinkle a dash of crashed black peppercorn.

Finally, bake at preheated oven 195-200'C for about 25-30 mins or untill brown.

Ta...Da... It's all done! Well. what do you think?

Now, who said sick people can not cook???? :o)
(pastry, snack, appertizer)


  1. Kristy, this looks amazing with perfect pastry layers! Also love the savory topping.. yum.

  2. Se ve muy linda y exquisita la tarta te felicito te quedó muy bien elaborada y con sabroso relleno,cariños y abrazos.-

  3. Well you did it! I can taste the photo! wow this is beautifully done!

  4. Get well soon. Hope you're feeling better already after baking this beautiful Tomato Tart! I've never made puff pastry at home before...maybe I should give it a try soon. :) Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, I'm having a little giveaway on my blog. Please stop by to check it out when you have a chance. Here's the link:


  5. oh, I do hope you are feeling better ... making this for your kids, and for us, is just wonderful, it just looks and sounds great...
    wow, to have homemade pastry dough in the freezer at any moments notice.. that makes me feel so bad....

  6. I was wondering hwo you posted everything while you were I thought you were wonder woman hehe!

    Of course I think you are wonder woman who makes her own puff pastry and has it stocked up in her freezer so she can pull it out at a moments notice! WOW!! I love tarts like these with the tomatoes sliced on'd see this at my house, but not with homemade PP! :D I hope your family knows how good they have it!


  7. i also just recovered heavy flu too. This is very nice to serve for a simple lunch..

  8. So glad you are feeling better! This tart sure to make anyone smile.

  9. I am glad that you are feeling now. I wish I could have some of this tart for lunch!

  10. good to hear you are feeling better :), i always bought ready made puff pastry, just all the folding and kneading and layering scared me off. looks delicious by the way

  11. Hi Kristy! Really glad you're feeling better. I think it's wonderful you do your own puff pastry. I must try it one day. I'm sure it beats store-bought pastry any day. Thanks too for dropping by my humble blog and leaving a nice comment. :)

  12. Wow that looks sooooooo good. Diane

  13. This looks wonderful! What a great idea for puff pastry dough!

  14. Yum - i love making tarts with puff pastry. I made some recently on my blog as well. This looks terrific

  15. I'm glad you've recovered and you're feeling better! Ugh must have been the weather as well huh?

    This looks great, love savoury pastries! I think homemade puff pastry is still the best but hey when you're in a pinch, totally fine to use store bought too :)

  16. Kumi : Thank you! Great to see you around, dear.

    Rosita : Thanks so much!

    Claudia : Thank you.

    Amy : I'm fine. Thank you for your kind invitation as well.

    Drick : Thanks! You're always my super guru!

    Lyndz : The PP available here is very small in size. Around 4x4" square! Can't do much work on that size.

    Sonia : Probably, we caught the same virus. hahaha....

    Belinda : Thanks! :o)

    Angie : I would love to have some of your salad for lunch too.

    Nammi : If you're using pastry butter it's much easier. It took me about 15mins to complete the whole dough included the folding.

    Shaz : Same to me, dear.

    Diane : Glad you love it too!

    Erin : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space. Glad you like it too.

    Sasha : Glad to see you around. Will hop over in a moment.

    Jen : The PP only available here just recently. I used to make mine. Don't have to search for everywhere!

    Thanks everyone for visiting and spending your time here with me. It's such a great pleasure.

    Hope you're all having a great week ahead.

    Blessings, Kristy

  17. you make your own puff pastry... you are too good!

  18. Yum, I love savory pastry tarts! I've never attempted puff pastry at home, yours is beautiful!

  19. I am sorry you have been ill but glad your starting to feel better :) This looks delicious! I just had a frozen one similar to this that I picked up at the was OK but I kept thinking it would be fantastic fresh. Seeing yours makes me sure of it :)

  20. i'm late here but nice to hear that you've actually recovered. I want to tell you that this puff looks really really good, no kidding!!I dont think i can even do the foldings properly!


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