Spreadable Pineapple Jam

Last year, I made my very first batch of lemon marmalade and red dragon fruit jam. You don't believe it, I am actually sent them home by FedEX to my mom. ha! However, mom loves them. She has never tried anything like that before. And under her special request, I finally made her this spreadable chunky pineapple jam. This pineapple jam is completely different from the previous one which I used to make my pineapple rolls.

And here's what I did.

Ingredients :
1 large pineapple (about 60 oz, cleaned)
8 cups sugar
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
lemon zest from the lemon used
4 cups water
*prepare about 7 empty jars.

Method :
(1) cleaned & skinned the pineapple and then cut them into small chunks.
(2) add in sugar and water to soak them for 5 hours.
(3) collect lemon zest from the lemons before juicing.
(4) now, squeeze the lemon; keep the juice aside and tie the rest of the unused lemon parts into a cheese cloth for cooking later (to produce natural pectin).
(5) now, boil the pineapple when it's ready together with the unused lemon parts and lemon zest with a non-stick pot for about 30 mins.
(6) remove the cheese cloth and squeeze out the pectin.
(7) continue boiling for about 30 mins or untill a little thickened.
(8) test the jelly by placing a teaspoon of hot jelly onto a chilled plate.
(9) if the jelly hold the shape a bit, like an egg then it's ready.
(10) off the heat, transfer the jelly to prepared jars.


The cooked pineapple jelly looks something like this, very sticky and yummy in colour. Beside of using natural pectin, we can also use acid citric to perfect the jelly texture.

I get about 4 bottles medium size jam jar, 1 bottle st.dalfour jar and 1 bottle large pasta sauce jar of jam. If the jars are proper sealed, they can be kept for up to 2 years.
Don't this look super gorgeous in my recycle St.Dalfour jar! Perfect!


  1. Ooo - how can one get a jar of these??

  2. Oh Kristy, I want one too! So good for my breakfast.

  3. my goodness- this looks good- I can't wait until our season starts.

  4. This jam looks delicious! I love pineapple and we have it year-round here. Will have to try this :) btw I died of cuteness with your blog banner!

  5. This looks wonderful and I'll wager it is delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. Could you throw a bottle from the screen out? Gosh...I want some for the breakfast bread!

  7. just love it great spread here and pineapple is the best!

  8. It is good that your mom like fruity jam as your can make it with all kinds of fruits for her. As for my mom she is all for peanut butter :)

  9. I love fruity jams, and homemade ones made it all the better!!! Your pineapple jam looks lovely; with those chunks!! Yeah, spreadable, spread some pineapple jam to us too...hehehe, one bottle here please;)

  10. look delicious!! wish I can eat this daily wt toast!!

  11. Very nice! You are very hard working in preparing these jam! Let's see what type of jam you are going to churn out next:D

  12. homemade jam is always the best!:)

  13. Yes, it's perfect, Kristy! How about Poslaju one to Ipoh!!!

  14. Keep wanting to make my own jam and have yet to do so! hehe thanks for the inspiration! This looks great :D

  15. kristy, you're too good! everything home made!

  16. I love making homemade jam! Your pineapple jam looks so delicious and full of flavor, and I bet it would make a great gift, too. You have a lovely blog and I’m so glad to have found it. :) I'm going to check out more of what you've got now!

  17. Love the gorgeous glow from the jelly! Golden and sweet, yum! I bet it taste good on anything, yum yum! ;) if I ever make this for my mum, she'll love it too! Thanks for sharing Kristy! ;)

  18. Homemade jam always the best. My family dont appreciate fruit jam, they only love peanut butter, hahaha..

  19. And I just posted about pectin. How funny is that. I notice there's no pectin in your recipe. Perhaps, even I can give it a whirl!

    In the mean time, put me on that Fed-Ex list. I can't help it, Kristy. Your Pineapple Jam looks heavenly and its calling my name!!!

  20. Belinda : Errr...probably when you move nearer!

    Ann : I'm glad I made this and I learned more every time.

    Ren : All the best.

    Chefpandita : Hi there, welcome to my himble little space. Looking forward to your coming up homemade jam. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Mary : Thank you.

    Kathy : I seldom buy the commercial pineapple jam cause they don't taste like one at all.

    Angie : hahha... hope so!

    Claudia : Oh, you love it too, Great!

    Gert : My mom loves anything especially the lemon marmalade.

    Christy : Hi there, welcome to my little space. Gald you like it too. Hoep to hear form you more often.

    My Asian Kitchen : Thank you!

    Jeannie : I am actually looking forward to make some soursaop jam after this! What do you think?

  21. Simona : Yeap, it is1

    Cheah : haha...

    Emily : Thank you!

    Jen : Thanks alot! Glad you like it too.

    Lena : Have you ever tried the commercial pineapple jam before???

    Georgia : Hi there, thanks for visiting and welcome to my little space. Glad you like it here. Hopefully, you will find something here. Would love to hear from you more often.

    Bee : You're welcome. Glad you like it too.

    Sonia : You know what, I am actually very much looking forward to make some almond & hazelnut jam. But have to wait till I get my high speed blender first. Need a budget... :o)

    louise : Sommercial pection is hard to get here. So, I used natural pectin from the cooked lemon skin, seeds & some unused lemon part. Though citric asid can be used to gel the jam,, I didn't add in cause I think the texture is good enough. Btw, I did made my own pectin by using apples. Will post it out... hopefully soon!

    Thank you so much for visiting & spending you time here with me. I'm not feeling so well... having a bad flu. Hopefully, will be able to visit you all soon. And glad you like the jam.

    Hope you are all having a terrific weekend. Enjoy!

    Blessings, Kristy

  22. Kristy hope you are well now....take care!

    Dear send me a jar... I am dying to try this lovely spread!

  23. Thanks for that info Kristy. I do hope you are feeling better...

    BTW, your Sambal Chicken looks amazing!!!

  24. My bad, Kristy I meant to comment on this earlier sheesh!

    I will definitely try to make this jam. I like how you used the lemon to make your own pectin...perfect. Like anything homemade it is so much better when you can control what you put in it. My mother used to make strawberry and raspberry jam when I was little, but it would make so much. We would go out to a farm and pick the fruit so she and my grandma would make jam, it was such a big production. I think that is why I stayed away from making it. I like how this recipe make a smaller amount and uses one pineapple. Also Maranda never liked jam until recently so I was pretty much the only one that would eat it. BTW - I save my jam jars and other jars that are a nice size too. Do they seal okay?

    I will let you know how mine turns out! Thanks!


  25. Sutapa : Nice to hear from you. Guess, you must have been busy. The fever has gone but still having running nose. Phew...

    Penny : haha...

    louise : Thank you for your concern. I'm getting a little better. At least, the fever has gone.

    Lyndz : The jam bottles have no problems at all. I used mostly recycle jam bottles. My pineapple is quite large actually. You should use half portion of my recipe. I think you don't want to have the same jam for the whole season. haha...

    Thanks s much ladies. I'm feeling a little better now. No fever but running nose! Hope you're all having a great Monday.

    Blessings, Kristy

  26. Looks so good! Made with love :)

  27. I see where you boil the zest and the cheesecloth wrapped lemons, but is the Lemon Juice used in the recipe or is it just saved for another use?


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