Chocolate Macarons......Ice-cream !

MACAROONS! All this times, I have heard all about it and how tricky they are to be baked. Even professional bakers did mentioned about the same problems. So, if any of you out there couldn't make this successfully...don't worried, you're not alone! hahaha..... For me, the most trickiest part was the baking process. Probably different oven need different set up. The normal baking temperature is 150'C for 8-10 mins for most bakers but mine took much longer than that. And I'm glad I didn't give up.... I better not cause almond meal is pretty expensive here. ha..

And here's what I did.

Ingredients : (recipe adapted to Cannelle en Vanille)
100gm egg white
1 tbsp sugar
200gm icing sugar
125gm almond meal/flour
15gm cocoa powder
pinch of salt

Method :
(1) measure the egg white the night before or 2 days before, leave it at room temperature to dry & thicken.
(2) sieve almond flour, icing sugar & cocoa powder together, set aside. If using almond meal, blend them all together by using a blender/food processor)
(3) whip egg white and salt untill foamy, then add in 1 tbsp sugar & continue whipping untill peak foam.
(4) now, fold in almond mixture bit by bit gently, by using a hnad whisk or flexible scraper or spatula.
(5) once the batter is well incorporated, it should be shinny & 'flow like magma'. Do not over mix the batter.
(6) now, transfer batter to a piping bag and pipe it onto baking trays lined with greaseproof paper, roughly in about 1 inch circle.
(7) and leave them aside for at least an hour or untill the skin crust has foam on the surface of the batter. Otherwise, the top crust will crack after baked.

(8) finally, bake at reheated oven 150'c on the middle deck for 10 mins and then rotate the tray and bake at 160'C for another 8 mins on the bottom deck. Keep your eyes on them.
(9) once the macaroons can be easily push off the greaseproof paper, remove them from the oven immediately; if they're still sticking to the sheet , they are undercooked. Bake for a few more minutes.
(10) leave to cool completely before removing from the greaseproof paper and sandwich them with cream or any other fillings as desired. I had mine with dulche de leche mousse cream and then freeze them.

I kept mine in the freezer before serving. The cream isn't falling apart and it tastes exactly like having macaroons ice-cream. It is great! ha... These macaroons are absolutely marvelous.
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  1. You definitely rose the challenge!!

  2. Of 3 trials on macarons I only got 1 right... so envy, yours have prefect feet! I can crown you baking queen liao!^^

  3. ils sont beaux et bien gourmands ces macarons mais surtout très réussis
    bravo et bonne journée

  4. looks super gorgeous and irresistible..yummy!!

  5. These look like they were professionally baked! Hats off to you. :-)

  6. Wow! Great job! I'm so impressed!!

  7. I am so impressed daaaaaaahling, much better than I could ever do, but I am not surprised, you are an incredible baker!
    *kisses* HH

  8. These look perfect! Beautiful! You will not see me making these. I am so impressed. Enjoy!

  9. Well Done! Look fabulous! Mine are always underbaked and stick to tray! Love the frozen idea!

  10. oh yum- I totally want to try and make these this summer.

  11. I know you can cook/bake anything you put your mind/skill to and I learn so much every time I lick this screen ... my desire is that you could ship these to me since I am such a poor student of your cooking class

  12. That's both gorgeous and refreshing. Delectable and sweet. And knowing what a grand baker you are, I'm not surprised you made it work. It's on my list - which is probably a disaster waiting to happen.

  13. Look so yummy,I want to try making it.

  14. Looks like you have joined in the fun of making macarons:D It is very addictive! But so delicious!

  15. Your macarons look perfect Kristy! And I love that you filled them with ice cream - I never saw that before! xoxo

  16. They are beautiful! I haven't worked up enough nerve to try these've given me a little more confidence. :)

  17. Kristy, I am so JEALOUS!! Your macarons HAVE legs!!! and they look like those from a professional bakery lah. Congrats my dear. Now you got me to try making macrons again using this recipe and heeding all the tips you have given here. I am crossing every single blood capillaries of mine that this time I get macarons and not MACAWRONGS!! Thanks my dear for sharing and wish me LUCK!

  18. They look like whoopie pies but im sure they taste so much better! I've been wanting to try baking macarons, I think it's high time I try them out with your tips! :) thanks

  19. Hi, I try making macrons few batch, never got it right, no feet and the face if alway not smooth, not sure why? is it I did not blend/sieve them? is there any tips that you can advice me how to pipe the macrons so perfect.
    Thank you for you time.

  20. Oh Kristy! I'm so envious of your lovely and delicious looking macaroons, ice cream macarons! * salivating* you have further motivated me to make it myself....ok school holiday I will bake up a few batch to perfect it, wish me luck!

  21. 配ICE CREAM的喔,这个有特别呐,喜欢:)

  22. Belinda : I did, didn't I! :o)

    Alice : dear, I told you already you're not alone. Just looks at the comment box. Seems everyone having problems with it.

    Fimere : Merci!

    Divya ; thanks alot!

    Kumi : Thank you!

    Emily : Thanks!

    HH : So sweet of you, dear. Your last batch of macaroons look incredible as well. And thanks to your advice too.

    Lyndz : Just forget it and get them from the shop. Hassle free. haha....

    Plumleaf : I told you so, you're not alone! :o)

    Ren : All the best and looking forward to your upcoming macaroons!

    Cathy : Thank you!

  23. Drick : Oh wow, I am truly honoured and appreciate your nice comment. What a compliment! And I'm too a poor student of your cooking class! Hand shake. :o)

    Claudia : haha... I'm glad you dare to challenge it at last!

    Yummylittlecooks : All the best, girls!

    Jeannie : I like it but not so crazy!

    Reeni : I think the frozen mac taste better!

    The Dutch Baker's Daughter : Just believe in yourself! It doesn't matter if you even mess up your kitchen. You've to make a big step forward.

    Veron : haha... 'pai sei'! I'm glad mine one have legs. haha... If the temperature is too high, the leg will disappear.

    Shaz : All the best, dear!

    FW : Hi there, welcome and thanks for visiting. And yes, you need to blend the dry ingredients but I didn't. Yet still looks nice. Try to draw the little circles by using a coin to the greaseproof paper before you start piping on it and reduce the piping hole so that you can get control of the batter. It will be a disaster if you let them control over you. lol!

    Bee : Hey, all the best! Looking forward to your yummy Mac soon.

    Thank you all for stopping by and spending your time with me today. It always a pleasure to see everyone of you. Hope you will have lots of fun and don't bother about the mess. You need to make a big step forward.

    Hope you're having a terrific time and enjoy the fun!

    Blesings, Kristy

  24. Kristy, you memang boleh! Nothing is a hindrance to you. Thumbs up!

  25. Well done Kristy. Your macarons look fantastic. And the flavours , ooh yum!

  26. These look so delicious. I would make them, but converting to US measurements is hard.

  27. YOur macaroons turned out perfectly Kristy and 'ice cream' filling sounds so tasty and inviting...!

  28. You did it! These look wonderful. I can only imagine how good they must be to taste. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  29. How much you going to sell these? I want order 2 dozen please!

  30. Your macarons are perfect!!! And along with ice-cream?! That's just brilliant!! Thanks for sharing

  31. ciao Kristy, che piacere vederti in giro per il mio blog.
    Io sono un poco "a riposo", non sto facendo tanto in cucina peò ho visto che tu hai sfornato tantissime cose buone come questi macaroons... deliziosiiii!!!!
    un abbraccio e buon fine settimana.

  32. You have great recipes. I haev never seen macaroons filled with ice cream - innovative!

  33. Love this recipe, cannot wait to try it out. Just wanted to stop by to say thanks for your kind words on my blog. I also noticed you are following which made me smile. I'm so new and not a big following yet that I notice when people join. Then do the happy dance. Looking forward to seeing more of your recipes.

  34. My goodness, this is so adorable and delicious. Thanks for sharing it.


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