Blackberry & Raspberry Cheesecake

SURPRISE ! SURPRISE ! I managed to grab some raspberries & blackberries at Tesco last weekend. It was on sales. Raspberries at RM3.50 per prunet and blackberries is RM9.00 per prunet. I often see raspberries at the supermarket but not blackberries. Guess, it's my lucky day! However, I thought blackberries supposed to look slightly shorter than boysenberries. Aren't they....or in the opposite? Whatever the shape, they still look awesome.

Ingredients for Crust :
200gm digestive biscuit/Tiger biscuit
100gm butter, melted
(combine both ingredients to mix well and then press it to a 9" springfoam pan. Refrigerate for 30 mins.)

Ingredients for Cream Cheese Fillings :
500gm cream cheese, softened
1 canned condensed milk (400gm)
3 eggs
1/3 cup honey
1 tspn Homemade vanilla Extract
1 lemon zest & 1 lime zest
a pinch of salt
*1/2 cup fresh raspberry & 1/2 cup fresh blackberry
(coat berries with some flour)

Method :
(1) beat cream cheese till soft & fluffy.
(2) add in eggs, condensed milk, vanilla extract, honey and fruit zest to beat till combined.
(3) pour batter onto biscuit crust and spread the mixed berries over the top.
(4) finally, bake at 170'C for an hour or untill set.
(5) then leave to cool completely before refrigerate it overnight & serve.

This is the first time making cheesecake without using any sugar. I used honey & condensed milk instead and it tastes as good, not so sweet! In the other hand, the texture looks really firm and beautiful.
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