Chicken Taco Sandwich

Taco is a traditional Mexican dish which is usually serve with tortilla or taco shells. Taco fillings can be made with any meat and is cooked with special taco seasoning. I'm so thankful to have such chances to enjoy my own taco sandwiches. Thanks to Gertrude @ My Kitchen Snippet for sending me the spices & other seasonings a few months back. Too bad that no taco shells available here at this moment, yet it tastes as awesome as on those buns. My kids are so craving for it.

So, here's my little secret recipe. :o)

Ingredients for Chicken Taco Fillings :
400gm chicken minced meat
1 large yellow bell pepper, diced
1 large onion, diced
3 stalk celery, diced
salt & pepper
1 pkt of Taco mixed spice

Method :
(1) preheat frying pan with some butter.
(2) stir in diced onion and chicken, let it simmer till cooked.
(3) now add in taco mixed spices and salt & pepper to taste, mixed to combine.
(4) finally, stir in celery and bell pepper, let them simmer for a little while.
(5) off the heat once it's done.

The addition of celery, onion and bell pepper is simply wonderful. It gives an extra sweetness to the meat and secondly I can get my kids to eat more greens. You know, it's never easy to get kids or teenagers to eat more vegetables these days.
Then, just fill the bread with whole lot of taco fillings. You can either having it with mayonnaise/mustard sauce or just go plain. Gosh, the juicy fillings simply amazing. It has very strong cumin, paprika & curry flavour in those spices. I bet you will love it too.


  1. Kristy, I like your taco creation! Such good flavors to add to many things. Too bad you can't get taco shells there. Often some will use flour tortillas for tacos, but my favorite are the corn tortillas that you pan fry to just the right crispness. I like that you used the bun...easier to eat, not as messy, but mayo/mustard? :D Hmm... I'll have to try that. My daughter likes it with sour cream, but even that is not they way Mexicans eat it.

    So fun to see all the wonderful things you come up with!

  2. Your taco sandwiches look great! Glad you and your kids enjoyed them so much!!!

  3. Kristy this look delicious! gloria

  4. Glad that you like the taco seasonings. I can get you some taco shells when i go back Malaysia but you have to come to KL to get it :) :)

  5. What a fun sandwich kids would really enjoy this :)

  6. un sandwch appétissant et savoureux
    bonne soirée

  7. Kristy, HI! Well, you sure found out a great solution to use your taco fillings. Homemade tortillas are very easy to cook, with either corn or wheat flour, so if you're interested I'll show you the recipe,just tell me:) big hug

  8. Wow that looks absolutely tempting sandwich. gorgeous pictures that make anyone drooooooooooool.

  9. Wow! How very cool. These taco seasonings are very popular in the U.S.. so glad that you had an opportunity to enjoy it. I think it's great on a bun too.


  10. What a fun, delicious sandwich! Me likes!

  11. Delicious sandwich with generous portion of filling :)

  12. 很丰富的面包

  13. That looks perfect for picnic. I know my girl would love this. She loves Mexican food. I need to cook again.....mmmm. Hope you have a wonderful day and all things go smoothly over on your side. Take care! :D

  14. I don't mind eating the filling on its own:) looks delicious!

  15. Love these chicken tacos! So clever in a bun!

  16. Ohh I do miss the Tex Mex taste! I bet with re fried beans will be a super combination too! Yummy!

  17. what a little coincidence, i saw some taco seasonings in the supermarket and was just thinking what to do with them, was thinking about a pizza.

  18. Muy sabroso me encantan los tacos ,lucen preciosos,abrazos.

  19. lovely Kristy, I do so like the celery addition, bet it made for awesome flavors - now check out my version or update on Taco seasoning, like the yellow package, I know you will like it is the only reason I am mentioning it, not to be tacky or pushy, but you are a long friend...

  20. Kristy, taco shells not available in Johor? Your fillings look good and you got to try them with the taco shells or tortillas. I would love to mail you a box of the taco shells but afraid they might all be broken when arrive at your end. You know how packages are being handle here right? Oh you are being tagged to play the 7 links challenge:D

  21. they look great and a fun way to serve it

  22. Lyndz : You know what! this taco bread tastes so very much alike those coney dog. I love it!

    Andrea : Thanks so much!

    Gloria : Thank you!

    Gert : Hey, thanks so much for offering me the taco shells. Just leave it! Don't trouble yourself. Btw, Veron is sending me some from KL! I am totally speechless. I am really grateful to have such a bunch of friendly and loving blogger. So so very touching.

    Alisha : My kids too! My boy is actually requested for more. Am going to make some on next week with my homemade taco species.

    Fimere : Merci beaucoup, heureux vous autour de voir. Espérons que vous êtes bien.

    Claudia : haha...glad you like it too!

    Pamela : Hey, thanks so much for sharing your taco shell recipe. I definitely will be going to learn how to make some.

    Divya : Thanks so much and glad you like it too!

    Velva : Yeap, those seasoning sure is tasty good!

    Belinda : :o) Glad you're back!

    Amelia : Thanks very much!

  23. 鱼鱼 :Thanks very much for your lovely comment.

    Angeline : Thanks!

    Marymoh : I know you're a big fan of Mexican food. Btw, Drick just posted a new taco species mixture recipe.

    Jeannie : Thanks!

    Claudia : :o) Hope you will like it too!

    Bee : Surely, you'll missed all those food !

    Lena : Oh did you???? Where about? Btw, I have found the recipe as well. Going to try making my own taco seasoning soon.

    Rosita : Thanks very much!

    Drick : I am most appreciate it! Just copied down the homemade taco seasoning recipe from your latest post. Am going to try it out soon. Really soon! :o)

    Veron : Oh wow, I am totally thrilled. Thanks so much for the offer. Really really appreciate it. Thanks again for everything. However, regarding the tagged link....guess, it's going to take some time! Hope you're don't mind.

    Penny : haha.... Oh well, except the missing hotdog!

    Rebecca : Thanks! Hope you're well. Must be so excited and can't wait to see Jasmine's little brother.

    Thanks everyone for spending your time here and it such a great honoured for being able to share such great fun and food. And also thankful to those who has offered me such lovely gifts & seasonings.

    Hope you're all having a fabulous day.


  24. Yyum yum, this really appetizing!^^

  25. Looks delicious, You need to submit only one recipe to Hearth and soul blog hop.

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