Ham Sui Kok @ Deep Fried Savory Dumpling

Ham sui kok is also one of many dishes often seen in any dim sum restaurants. This is something we wouldn't want to miss. I just love the sweet delicious crispy crust with those juicy delicious fillings so much. Doesn't it sound so irresistible to you too! Besides, it doesn't cost much either and only very little ingredients are used. Come on lets join me for the fun.

Ingredients for dumpling skin :
(Recipe adapted from here)
2/3 cup wheat starch (tung mein fun)
2/3 cup boiling water
(stir boiling water into wheat starch slowly till combined, as shown as below picture)

2 cups glutinous rice flour
3/4 to 1 cup water
5 tbsp sugar

Method :
(1) add ingredients (B) into (A) and then knead till a soft & smooth dough is formed.
(2) then divide into 18-20 portions dough balls.
(3) flatten each dough by using a flat knife or dough cutter (by pressing).
(4) place in fillings and then seal nicely.
(5) finally, deep fried them till golden brown.

Ingredients for jicama fillings :
200-300gm jicama, shredded (one small size)
1 carrot, shredded
1 inch fresh ginger, cut into strips
salt & pepper
1 tspn vegetarian oyster sauce

Method :
(1) preheat frying pan with a little oil.
(2) fry ginger till brown and then add in jicama & carrot.
(3) off the heat after simmer for about 2 mins.
(4) stir in salt & pepper and the sauce, mix well.
(5) cool to room temperature before used.

It's best to be served while it's still hot. The crust is simply irresistible but be caution that the filling is very very hot. Well. this sure perfect for the winter!

I used vegetarian char siew in my recipe but you can replace it with meat char siew. Vegetarian char siew is actually something made of flour & soybeans and isn't too bad at all.

I also used very simple jicama filling which included shredded jicama, carrot & ginger. For a pure Buddhist vegetarian, they're not encourage to take garlic & onion in their cooking. It is believe that garlic & onion will cause the arises of mentality desire, or eager for something badly.
I'm sending this to 3 Hungry Tummies @ Muhibbah Malaysian Monday.
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