Homemade Vanilla Extract

It's a dream come true to make my own vanilla extract at home. Never in my life thought of making it myself. Thanks to Lyndsey @ The Tiny Skillet and also Ann @ Pigpig's Corner for sending me a bunch of vanilla beans more than a month back. I am totally thrilled when receiving the gifts from both of them. Thanks again, ladies! ((hugss))

Now, here's the vanilla beans which I have already scrape out the seeds. Gosh, it smells so beautiful!

Ingredients :
280ml vodka/brandy
4 large vanilla beans
an empty bottle

Method :
(1) pour vodka into the empty bottle.
(2) add in the vanilla pots and the content.
(3) then cover the bottle with a air tight lid and leave aside in a dark room for 4 weeks. Making sure to shake the bottle twice in every week.
(it is highly recommended to replace the vanilla beans once they have lost scent)

Here's the vanilla extract after 2 weeks time. Still not ready yet! And the top picture is the one after 4 weeks time which is darker in colour. It is best to shake the vanilla extract each time before each use.

I finally used up the leftover vanilla beans in making vanilla sugar for future use. How I wish I can grow my own vanilla tree tooo.... :o)


  1. Hi, can i use RUM instead of vodka/brandy? Thanks in advance.


  2. I didn't realise that it was so easy to make homemade vanilla extract so thanks so much for the recipe! Am sure it'll taste so much better than store bought ones!

  3. Kristy, so happy I could help make a dream come true! :D Don't you just love making your own vanilla extract. I give it as gifts for friends and family. To answer YumMum's question, yes you can use rum instead of vodka, it will be just a slightly different taste, many use vodka so it won't interfere with the pure vanilla flavor since it doesn't have much on it's own. You just have to be sure that the alcohol content is high enough. I want to make it with rum next time.

    I can smell the vanilla from here...Cheers!


  4. That makes all of us, that smell is indeed intoxicating. I've got vanilla "brewing" as we speak and vanilla sugar is a wonderful surprise ingredient. I've even used it in my coffee!!!

    Thanks for sharing Kristy...

  5. I love doing this - and I only use vodka.

  6. Geez, you are so lucky to hv such thoughtful friends... I hv nvr even see any vanilla pod in real life...:(

  7. Kristy, I loves the homemade vanilla extract too,loves the fragrant smell. I had try soaking in Rum and it taste as good. After brewing, don't throw the vanilla pod, dry it and put in the sugar. It's still very fragrant.
    Use the fresh vanilla seed to make vanilla ice cream, it's super delicious.

  8. I love homemade vanilla extract. I let mine sit for 6 months before using. I've done this for about 7 years. This year, I purchased a big bottle of vanilla bean paste to compare. Congratulations!

  9. Whah....you are saving a lot making this vanilla essence yourself. It's so expensive to buy the real thing. Thanks very much for sharing, Hope you have a great week!

  10. Love the photographs! Very well done. We have found the best ratio to use is 5 vanilla beans per 8 ounces alcohol. This is pretty close to the FDA standard for commercially produced single-fold extract.

    A great way to save a few $$ is to shop online for the vanilla beans. Beanilla.com has 7 varieties (some organic!) of vanilla beans, some for only $1 each.


  11. I make mine all time only with brandy though, I tried vodka and not nearly as delicious ... I am thrilled to see what you did with the beans to make sure... diffinitely going to do this next time fabulous idea have a great weekend!

  12. How fun that you got to make your own vanilla extract, best scent around :)


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