Homemade Vanilla Extract

It's a dream come true to make my own vanilla extract at home. Never in my life thought of making it myself. Thanks to Lyndsey @ The Tiny Skillet and also Ann @ Pigpig's Corner for sending me a bunch of vanilla beans more than a month back. I am totally thrilled when receiving the gifts from both of them. Thanks again, ladies! ((hugss))

Now, here's the vanilla beans which I have already scrape out the seeds. Gosh, it smells so beautiful!

Ingredients :
280ml vodka/brandy
4 large vanilla beans
an empty bottle

Method :
(1) pour vodka into the empty bottle.
(2) add in the vanilla pots and the content.
(3) then cover the bottle with a air tight lid and leave aside in a dark room for 4 weeks. Making sure to shake the bottle twice in every week.
(it is highly recommended to replace the vanilla beans once they have lost scent)

Here's the vanilla extract after 2 weeks time. Still not ready yet! And the top picture is the one after 4 weeks time which is darker in colour. It is best to shake the vanilla extract each time before each use.

I finally used up the leftover vanilla beans in making vanilla sugar for future use. How I wish I can grow my own vanilla tree tooo.... :o)
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