Homemade Tangerine Marmalade

Like every year, it's ghost festival here and everyone is still busy preparing the prayer (which lasted for one month under Chinese lunar calender)....to pay respect to the hungry ghosts and to our ancestors as well. I did mine 2 weeks ago and have loads of leftover tangerines after the prayer. The only way to clear them up is to transform them into marmalade! So, what are we waiting for....lets go ahead.

Ingredients :
8 cups sliced fresh tangerine
4 cups water
1kg sugar
4-5 fresh lemon
2 tbsp citric acid powder (optional)

Method :
(1) combine sliced tangerine, sugar and water into a big pot.
(2) squeeze in the lemon juice and then chuck in all the unused lemon.

(3) bring it to boil and let it go on for about 30 mins, then switch to medium heat and continue boiling till mixture is thickened.
(4) stir in citric acid and mix well, at the same time press lemon skin to release natural pectin and then remove it from the pot.

(5) off the heat once the marmalade is ready.
(6) keep all the marmalade into clean bottles/jars. Please follow the bottling & sealing method from here.

Don't they look super gorgeous! I have reduced quite a large portion of sugar from this recipe and it tastes as fabulous. I bet my mom going to be so craving for this.

Since tangerine has very soft skin, so we don't need to soak them before cooking it unlike lemons and oranges. The colour of this marmalade looks simply amazing and delightful. I love it on my toast very much. No wonder my mom said homemade jam always the best.
(tangerine marmalade, jam, sauce)
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