Gold Dust Steamed Sponge Cake

I made quite a number of steamed 'ma lai go' for the past few years but have yet put my hands on this common steamed sponge cake before. Believe it or not??? After so many years, I finally want to test run it cause I'm planning to bring one to attend 'qing ming' prayer at hubby's ancestors' grave yard this weekend. 'Qing ming' is a very important day to all the Chinese. It's all about respect and tradition. But remember, still most importantly respect and taking good care of  the elderly at home while they're still alive and not after their passing. In other hand, this is also to show the next generation how the elderly supposed to be treated and hopefully they'll treat you the same way when you get older one day. :o)

Ingredients :
5 eggs
180gm   sugar
100gm   mashed pumpkin
60ml    milk
1/2 tspn  ovalette (optional)
2 tspn     baking powder
200gm   all purpose flour
*1/2 cup  raisins

Method :
(1) in a bowl, combine flour & baking powder then in another bowl mix together pumpkin & milk.
(2) beat sugar & eggs till fluffy & pale.
(3) add in vanilla essence & ovalette, beat till well combined.
(4) now, alternately stir in flour mixture & pumpkin mixture till everything well mixed.
(5) finally add in raisins and pour batter to a 7-8" tray lined with parchment paper.
(6) steamed for 20 mins over high heat.
(7) leave cool completely before slicing.

No doubt, the mashed pumpkin gave this cake such a perfection colour like GOLD DUST in a pot and the sweetness from raisins just lovely. Seems like this is another good start. So, wishing you all a very happy weekend. Enjoy & have loads of fun!
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