Kefir Wild Yeast ~ Nutmeg Rye Bread

"You're my only make me" My goodness, my very first kefir wild yeast project, LOVING IT ! The out come is truly satisfying and the bread smell so fresh & fruity. Of coz, there's still many more ways of making this kind of wild yeast bread. Still.... EXPLORE.... that's what is all about and the journey is the most joyous part of it ! I bet you guys should know what I'm trying to say here. No matter what's the result, WE food blogger still enjoy every moment of it. So, here's one of mine little journey.

Ingredients :
Starter Dough :
200gm   all purpose flour
50gm     rye flour
200gm   homemade Kefir drinks / enzyme juice (at room temperature)
160ml    water
2 tbsp   brown sugar
1/2 cup  raisins
1/2 cup  candied shredded nutmeg

Main Dough :
200gm   flour
1/2  tspn  salt
80gm  butter / corn oil
* extra flour for dusting

Method :
(1) combine all starter ingredients and mix to form a sticky paste, then set aside to ferment for 90 minutes.
(2) add main dough ingredients to starter dough and knead till well combined.
(3) place dough to slightly floured working table knead to smooth and then shape it into a ball.
(4) now, place dough to a floured basket and set aside to rest for another 90 minutes or till double in size. Sometimes it took longer than that (depends on room temperature).
(5) bake at preheated oven 200'C for about 30 mins, place a small cup of water into oven (to keep the moisture).

Just to make things clear, I have to explain one more time regarding the starter dough. For starter dough, I am using the kefir dirnks / enzyme juice for fermentation NOT the experimental wild yeast. Right! Do I need to explain more here? Hope not! :o) As you can see here, the bread looks really soft & smooth. The addition of candied nutmeg is simply amazing. I can just finish off the bread any time. Hope you guys will have fun too!
I'm sending this to Wild Yeast ~ YeastSpotting.


  1. Great idea in using that colander to hold the dough while proofing:)

  2. WOW! Another creation from our Bread Queen. Thumbs UP!!

  3. wow!! your bread is delicious i know what to do and will try it out.. thanks for sharing!!

  4. Looks good. I would like to try a piece if I may, Kristy!

  5. Totally agree with Ann..... u're the Bread Queen! Hahaha! Well done! Time to set up a shop??

    Kristy, I've been nominated for this Int'l Women's Day. Appreciate if you could support this event & click on "Like" @ Support International Women's Day! Thks, dear!

  6. This bread looks amazing. I really like the fact that the flavor is of nutmeg. That spice is rarely used as a singular flavor in anything, but I do love it. The enzyme juice is a new one for me and it definitely worked in this recipe. Happy Monday!

  7. wow..awesome recipe


  8. You always make me crave bread - what a beauty! Perfect for the cool, rainy day.

  9. Nice loaf of bread Kristy and I love the idea of the colander, beautiful lines!
    Thanks for this wonderful recipe and hope you have a great week ahead :)

  10. that's a beautiful loaf! i now know another use of our plastic colander! it's amazing knowing that the bread rise up beautifully using the fermentation, shall look out for your bread making with the wild yeast, thanks so much for all these sharing!
    have a nice day, kristy!

  11. Wow, Kristy, I have not seen this way before (making fermented juice to get the yeast). I enjoyed reading all the previous posts and can't wait to experiment myself. The loaf looks amazing!

  12. This is something new to me Kristy.

    How I wish I can try, hehe :P

  13. This reminds me of our stafidopsomo! It looks so crusty and the nutmeg along with the raisins I am sure gave it another kick!

  14. Love your idea of using plastic colander to hold the dough, don't need expensive wooden basket ..i also like to try making wild yeast soon .

  15. this is such a lovely bread with wild yeast! I've not try making wild yeast myself, should give it a try one day :)

  16. Kristy, now you are way out of my league. This looks perfect, I love the texture.


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