Homemade Wild Yeast The Easy Way

Remember I told you about my last batch of wild yeast? It has all gone due my fridge problem and too lazy to grow another batch of it. Fortunately, I finally found more ways of making wild yeast the easy method. There are actually two ways of making the easy wild yeast, one is with enzyme juice and the second one is with kefir drinks. Herewith, I've made a little small experiment on both juices and they both turned out PERFECT!

Let me show you the first method.
Ingredients for enzyme juice :
3 apples, cubed (grapes or any other fruits)
4 tbsp   organic sugar

Method :
(1) place apples and sugar into a clean jar.
(2) add in filtered water (till water just about to cover apples).
(3) keep it cover and set aside for 3 days or till fermentation reaches top form. (where you can see more & more bubbles appeared on the surface)
(4) once it's ready, strain out the water where you can roughly get 1-1/2 cup of it.
(5) keep refrigerated after bottling.

This is the well fed wild yeast with enzyme juice. I used 100gm of enzyme liquid mix with 3 tbsp all purpose flour, 1/2 tbsp sugar and 40ml  water. Mix them well and then let to rest for 90 minutes. Very satisfying out come!

While the second experiment, I'm using 100gm kefir drinks mix with 3 tbsp flour, 1/2 tbsp sugar and 40ml water. And this is what I got after 90 minutes. Extremely active wild yeast.

And this is how the starter dough look, perfectly risen. Want to know what I manage to do with it? STAY TUNE.....


  1. Seems like making life yeast is the "in" thing now around the blog sphere. I'm really eager to try too! Thanks for sharing this Kristy! Btw, after feeding the enzyme water with flour, water and sugar plus the 90mins, is it ready for use then? And the unused ones can be kept in the fridge or room temp for how long?

  2. after reading your homemade wild yeast, making my hand itchy..but there is this question, how much do we use the wild yeast in making bread?? can you share how much can we substitute the wild yeast to the the instant yeast in bread recipe?

  3. Bee : both wild yeast starters are just my small little experiment. Not for use ! I'll show you how to produce the starter dough in different way later.

    Diane : You're most welcome.

    Eric : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space. Hope you're going to have fun.

    Janetan : for a common bread size of 450-500gm bread flour, the instant yeast used is 1 tbsp for feather light bread loaf & 2 tspn for buns. But for wild yeast, always start with a starter dough before further fermentation. You'll see. I'm posting the recipe tomorrow.

    Thanks everyone for spending your time here with me. Stay tune for more. And have a fabulous weekend.

  4. That looks really interesting, I used to make wine from the fruits just like how you did your enzyme!

  5. You always amaze me Kristy. I can only imagine what you will be doing with that yeast!

  6. Recently I borrow some books on using wild yeast but I got confused coz they were in chinese! Can't wait to see yr recipe n experiments.

  7. thanks for showing how to make this wild yeast..hopping over to your next post to read further on this.


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