Homemade Kefir Fizzy Drinks ~ Orange Flavour

Has anyone of you came across something like this???  This is what they called as Kefir grains. Actually, it has quite a number of names for instance tibetan mushroom, Japanese water crystals, fungus enzyme, tibicos and more. Whateverso, I have to thank my neighbour Diane again for these tiny little grains and also thanks Catherine Lau for the inspiration. Catherine is one of our local famous Chef & baker. What I love about her is everything she taught has to be start from basic. And kefir drinks is one of her fabulous work.

According the info I have, kefir grains is not a plant. It is actually a symbiotic cluster of friendly bacteria and yeast. Kefir grains is able to convert sugar into acid, carbon dioxide & alcohol. (This is not ME...I'm not a science person! haha...) Sounded just like those homemade enzyme, right! But this tastes much better than the enzyme I used to have. You'll be surprise how awesome they are.

(Recipe adapted by Catherine Lau)
Ingredients :
8 oranges, skinned and cut small
1 litre  chlorine-free water
130gm   sugar
40ml   lemon juice
30gm  kefir grains

Method :
(1)  blend oranges together with water, then mix with sugar and bring it to boil.
(2)  keep boiling over low heat for about 30 mins and then leave cool completely.
(3)  strain juice with a sieve once it's ready, discharge the pulp.
(4)  pour juice into a clean jar, stir in lemon juice and kefir grains.
(5)  put the lid on and let to ferment at room temperature for 48 hours ~ the juice will be bubbling actively.

This is how it looks after 2 days of fermentation. Now, you can strain mixture and allow liquid to drip without pressing the kefir grains. Then fill kefir drinks into bottles, leaving some space between the cap. The drink will continue fermenting and developing fizz. Keep refrigerated after bottling and serve chilled.

Ingredients for Plain Palm Sugar :
1 cup  chlorine-free water
2 tbsp  palm sugar
30gm   kefir grains
(combine all ingredients into a bottle and keep aside for fermentation for 48 hours or 3 days the max)

Further additional ingredients :
1-2/3 cup   chlorine-free water
2 tbsp        brown sugar/honey
(stir in the additional ingredients after 48 hours of fermentation and then set aside again for 2nd fermentation for another 48 hours and will be ready by then)

The one made with plain brown sugar tasted really good. My kids love it very much and the one made with fruit juice tastes something like vodka or beer. Very interesting though! These healthy drinks simply irresistible and good especially to bowel & digestion problem and of coz many more health benefits. So, what are you waiting for!
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