Drunken Prawns

Here's another recipe for my homemade red yeast wine. A classic chinese dish called drunken prawns. Funny name, right? I'm sure you know exactly what it means......Prawns get drunk in the wine. This dish is very often served in many restaurants by using life prawns. Sorry but NOT me! However, I am highly recommending tiger prawns for this recipe due to the sweetness of the prawns itselves.

So, here's what I did.
Ingredients :
500gm   fresh tiger prawns (medium size)
3/4 cup   homemade red yeast wine
1 tbsp     homemade red yeast paste
3/4 cup   water
1/2 tbsp   sugar
1/2 tspn   vegetables granules
a pinch of salt & pepper
2 tbsp  fried ginger & ginger oil

Method :
(1)  combine red yeast wine, red yeast paste, water, sugar, granules, salt & pepper and fried ginger oil & ginger to a 1.5 Litre pot, and bring it to boil.
(2) reduce heat and let to simmer for another 5 minutes to increase thick aroma to the soup.

(3) finally, increase the heat and then add in prawns once the soup starts boiling. Stir prawns for a few seconds, then keep the lid cover and off the heat.
(4) shake the pot for a few seconds and then set aside till time to serve. This to prevent the prawns from over cooked.

As always hubby has something to complain about. He asked me to remove the intestine (at the back of the prawns) before cooking it the next time. Phew..... then I asked him again if he wants me to peel the shell & head off as well.*wink*  (What a nasty wife I am!) hahaha..... Anyway, hope you guys will love it too.


  1. This looks amazing! Totally delicious! Have a fabulous week!

  2. Kristy your Kimchi looks very appetizing.

    Will go "mabuk" or not if having this prawn? Very interesting dish from the red yeast wine.

  3. o my..Kristy, I come over for the dinner!

  4. Glad you found a good use for your yummy red yeast wine! You know, I never remove the intestine bit of prawns either! Too much extra work!

  5. Great excuse to get drunk! Love the wine sauce!

  6. good morning kristy, so long i never had drunker prawns. I just want to hv these and then go to sleep..haha!

  7. How do we remove the intestine with the shell still intact? I normally only do that if I peel the shell before cooking.

  8. look at the picture, i already feel hungry, hehehe, still not yet take lunch, now going to check out from Osaka hotel and going to airport, see soon.

  9. Absolutely wonderful thanks for sharing the Chinese restaurant secret with us!
    I never knew that intoxicated prawns looks so beautiful and appetizing dear(haha)!

  10. I like everything with prawns. This is yummy!

  11. LOL...I love your comment back to your hubby. These prawns look incredible! And if I haven't told you before, you have the CUTEST header I've ever seen~

  12. Love this dish! I've posted my version sometime ago too. This is a great dish for all occasions :)

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  13. Sure looks yummy ! I just love to have a taste of that delicious dish !

    I couldn't help but laugh out loud at your witty retort ! :D You're such a nasty wife ! hahahahha

  14. Oh yummy! I usually have this in restaurants, and never at home. Guess your recipe will be a great start to DIY now. ;) Thanks Kristy!

  15. deliziosi davvero, che brava!
    ti auguro una felice giornata.
    un abbraccio e a presto cara.

  16. Those prawns look mighty fresh. Wow! Gorgeous. I love how they transform from these dull/gray looking things to that beautiful vibrant red color. Great dish!

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. Please feel free to visit any time :o)

  17. Serena : Thanks very much.

    Angeline : Ah, now you can anytime make your own wine & drunken prawns for your parents' in law.lol! They will be on cloud 9. haha....

    Angie : haha.... are you sure???? Then I have to get a room & sofa bed ready. :o)

    W&S : actually, there isn't too much work but still depends on how big the prawns are. If it is something smaller like mine ones then I have the excuse. If they are bigger, then I prefer to have them remove by cutting the back by using a scissors.

    Belinda : haha.... you're right! But normally, you won't get drunk after taking cooked wine. :o)

    Lena : Good morning! Don't worried you won't get drunk. haha....

    Merryn : You can remove the intestine by using a pair of sharp scissors. Slowing cut from the shell between the head moving to tail. I'm sure you'll figure out then. We are smart women, right! haha....

    Sonia : Oh wow, it's all over already. So fast!

    Sutapa : haha.... well, we human get red faces after drunk, so count the prawns in as well. haha....

    Little in Box : Glad you like it !

    Lizzy : Thanks so much. I like it as well. The doggie looks so cute, right! Btw, hubby not very happy about it. haha.....

    Shirley : thanks so much for keeping me inform. Will try to take part but not much luck I supposed. hehe....

    Hayley : Hey, you still have to wait for another 1 month time before taking this kind of food.lol! haha....

    Anne : hahaha..... I supposed this is the way how a intolerable wife react to her man. Shhhh..... Better keep quiet. haha....

    Bee : Wish you luck, dear!

    Betty : Vi ringrazio, cari. Spero tu stia bene anche!

    Hanaa : Glad you like this too. Looking forward to sharing & hoep to see you more often.

    Thanks evryone for visiting & spending your valueable time here with me. It's always a great pleasure for having you all here.

    Hope you're all having a wonderful day & enjoy.


  18. My favorite dish! I just love prawns and these look so yummy!

  19. Haha...drunken prawns! Kristy, were you drunk when you co0ked this dish? This is sure my favourite dish...love prawns and the wine in it...mmm. But I know, I have to stay away from prawns for the time being til my leg is healed completely. Aiyoh...Kristy, why did you tempt me? Now I think I can't sleep tonight. Well, I better go and look for something else to eat :D Hope you have a great week. Mary

  20. What a fabulous dish, Kristy! I never realized the ingredients that went into "drunken" prawns. I am saving this recipe for sure, Marion loves Shrimp!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing and thank you for "Playing" the Picnic Game. I was on my way over to invite you and lo and behold, you are bringing the letter, D "See" you there. Oh what tasty goodies we'll have:)

  21. Been awhile since I've had drunken prawns.

  22. You have a very special dish of drunken prawns, I adore your idea of using red yeast wine.

  23. Fun name and a great recipe, Kristy. I know I wouldn't like to have this dish put before me with live prawns either!

  24. Kristy, these prawns look delicious...very flavorful...I would love to dig into your dish :)
    Hope you are enjoying your week!

  25. These drunken prawns look wonderful. I would love a pod with some steam rice! I guess your hubby and my hubby could be great friends....being our toughest critics! hahaha....

  26. Is this a Julia Child recipe, a little bit of wine for the prawns, a little bit more for the chief... thanks for sharing yet another delicious recipe on foodie friday.


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