Red Yeast Wine Noodle @ Hong Jiu Mian Xian

This is a well recognized confinement dish to most Asians. Red yeast wine rice vermicelli is normally serve to post-natal mothers for breakfast or lunch during their confinement period. According to the elderly, it is the best food source to keep the mother's belly & womb warm up early of the day. In Malaysia, this dish is wildly sold at many  food stalls with just reasonable price. These days red yeast wine noodle is not just the confinement food source, it is also something that others can enjoy.

It is very common that mee suah is used in cooking red yeast wine. Mee suah is of flour unlike the rice vermicelli. It is easily cooked & turn soft.

Ingredients :
4 cups  water
150ml  homemade red yeast wine
2 tbsp  homemade red yeast paste
1/2 tspn   salt
1 tspn   vegetable granule
fried ginger oil with fried ginger
handful  fresh black woodears, thinly sliced
handful of chicken shreds, marinated with salt & pepper
1 or 2 fried egg
some cilantro

*1 pkt  mee suah, (100gm)

Method :
(1) combine water, red yeast wine, red yeast paste, salt, vegetable granule, fried ginger oil, black wood ears, chicken meat & fried egg into a pot and bring it to boil.
(2) reduce heat and let to simmer for another a few more minutes, test taste the soup till you get right taste as desired (as if you might want to add in more wine).
(3) next, add in mee suah and let to simmer for a couple of seconds or till soft.
(4) then serve immediately with cilantro.

This soup will look a bit thick just the way I wanted. Some may prefer to cook with less water and with more wine but I find that it's a bit too heavy and very heaty. I don't recommend it to most post-natal moms  especially breast feeding mothers. It's still best to take lighter wine soup.

Frankly, I could just take the soup.... haha....Yeah, very addictive! Hope you guys will love it too.
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