Hwajeon ~ Korean Sweet Flower Pancake

Hwajeon, the Korean sweet flower pancake. Have anyone tried this before? Oh wow, this is actually my first attempt and doesn't look good at all. HAHAHA...... I have no idea where to search for some edible fresh flowers and just simply dig out my dried roses for this special task. However, it's a splendid experience. I had fun and also be able to enjoy this little snack at the same time. This Korean sweet flower pancake is often made during spring time with fresh flower named Azaleas and this is the snack they normally enjoy during spring picnic in Korea.

So, here's what I did.
Ingredients :
1 cup   glutinous rice flour
1/2 tspn  salt
2/3 cup   boiling water
* some fresh edible flowers / dried flowers

Method :
(1) combine glutinous rice flour & salt then mix well.
(2) then slowly stir in boiling water till everything well combined and knead till smooth.
(3) divide dough into 8-10 portions ball shapes.
(4) flatten each and then pan fried with just enough cooking oil.
(5) fried one side till slightly brown and then flip to the other side, now place on flower petal or fresh flowers to upper cake.
(6) once the other side has turned brown, again flip the flower side to cook for just a short while and then quickly flip back. So that the flower won't get burnt.
(7) transfer the cooked pancake to a serving plate.

This is a very easy recipe with just very little ingredients. I'm sure you can do it too. Well, you can actually enjoy this little snack by dipping them into honey or syrup. SLURPPPPP............. So, enjoy everyone & have fun !
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